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Re: Mint 6 just works, no file editing

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____/ Tony Manco on Saturday 27 December 2008 20:52 : \____

> Mint 6 is Fantastic!
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | I've been a Mint user but have also hopped from one distro to
> | another for the past two years.....and typically end up coming back
> | to Mint. When I learned that 6 was ready and available, I had to try
> | it.... and I am completely delighted thus far. :) I'm using a Compaq
> | Presario 2170us with 512M and a 40Gig HDD. It has an older ATI
> | Radeon card and as Ubuntu has progressed, the performance of this
> | card has been worse and worse.....but Mint 6 works with it
> | perfectly! I've had no trouble getting my Desktop Cube
> | working.... just a few clicks and no editing of files. :)
> |
> | Typically, one of the first things I do after installing a distro is
> | edit xorg.conf to turn off the tapping on my Touchpad...but the
> | Mouse prefs in Mint 6 has a tab for that which made it ultra simple
> | to turn off the tapping.
> |
> | As is my usual Mint experience, I had no configuration to do for my
> | Linksys WPC54G wireless card... it just works.
> |
> | I haven't had time yet to see how the audio performance is but I
> | will soon. I do commercial voice-overs and depend on the recording
> | capabilities (using Audacity) so this is a big deal for me.
> |
> | Love it!!
> `----
> http://www.linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=19851#p117801
> When one specific distribution doesn't work for you, it's simple, just
> try a different one, there are a lot of choices out in the wild.

I just keep changing them every time I install something new because it's so
much fun. Using Windows and sticking with XP for 7 years is like going to some
cheap restaurant every day and having the _exact same meal_ at the same place.
It's boring, it's repressing, and it ignores human nature that seeks diversity
or individuality.

Oh, actually, Windows has different versions*, which are the equivalent of
going to McDonalds and receiving the option to _remove_ pickles, fries and a
drink. It's only an illusion of choice.

* http://www.pacifichighlander.postkiwi.com/images/which-vista.jpg

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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