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Re: 'The windows users I know ... going to "skip Vista" and use the next version'

Ezekiel <Zeke@xxxxx> said on 2008-12-26:
> "High Plains Thumper" <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> news:gj2q8i$mms$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Gary M. Stewart wrote:
>>> Homer wrote:
> As usual, due to your extremely low intelligence you completely miss the 
> point. It's the APPLICATIONS and not the OS. People want applications that 
> allow them to synch their PDA, iPod, cell-phone, etc with their desktop.

That is indeed the case. Linux preinstalled on PDA's might be a lot
better deal than users having to install Linux on PDA. Not many care
about the underlying technology; as you mentioned, it is all about
applications and the familiarity users have with those applications.

>> * Linux Palmtop Page - A guide to installing Linux on  hand-held devices
> Same as above. People want to use their hand-held devices. Not install 
> linux on them.

Yes, that is correct. We include users from various levels of
heirarchy in our initial project meetings with clients. It is quite
evident that users on the floor have little to no idea about
technological terminologies or even have a clean way to identify an
operating system. So we ask them about their duties and have them
speak/present the issues with the current solutions. Every single time
they point to an application and request changes that matters to their
area of expertise. Sometimes Linux is the best choice to develop such
applications on, and sometimes we use other OS. Client's technology
groups also limit non-default installations, especially on PDAs.
In my experience, Windows has not replaced linux on a linux powered 
PDA and vice-versa.


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