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Re: Lets see how Roy Schestowitz likes losing his job.

On Dec 26, 11:52 pm, Terry Porter <linu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yeah right, we do believe you, Mr anonymous troll, really, seriously ....

Of course I'm anonymous. Do you seriously think I would be so suicidal
as to post my real name in this insignificant newsgroup?You assholes
would be phoning everyone from the CIA to the local homeless shelter
looking for me or looking to make trouble for me. That's how Linux
fanatics behave.

> If you did *really* lose your job at a 'Microsoft partner' which I note
> you have declined to name (I wonder why) , get of your lazy butt and go
> look for another one.


Big enough for you?
And I am not alone.

> If you are any good at anything, you will soon find another job. If you
> only have Microsoft related skills, and no one wants you (surprise!), you
> should be THANKING Roy for warning you this was going to happen sooner or
> later.

Why? Unemployment insurance is great. I'll find a job when it runs
You gotta work the system dude.

> Don't kill the messenger.
Who is that?

> Your lack of a job is not anyones fault but your own.
It has nothing to do with not having a job it has to do with a
freak:Roy Schestowitz.

> Perhaps now is the time for you to start paying attention to the Linux
> Advocates on COLA, change your skillset to Linux, get a job with Google,
> or any of the thousands of Linux industries.

Google just laid off thousands of employees.
You need to get with the program dude.

> Get free meals and a free masseur at Google!
I don't expect anything for free. I work for what I have.
> Or just whine and cry like a Microsoft loser .... it's up to you.
You don't sound too bright to me.
What moronic company was dumb enough to hire you, if I may ask?

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