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Re: [News] 14 New Distributions Released in One Week

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____/ Peter Köhlmann on Friday 26 December 2008 00:19 : \____

> Hadron wrote:
>> Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 06:59:38 -0500, Ezekiel wrote:
>>>> "The Ghost In The Machine" <ewill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>>>> message news:ne8r16-dh5.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> <snip>
>>>>> Oh the horror.  Oh the calamity.  Oh the humanity. Oh when will we
>>>>> ever stop creating additional distros confusing the hell out of the
>>>>> Wintrolls?  :-)
>>>> Is releasing 14 distros/week supposed to be a good thing or a bad
>>>> thing?
>>> It's called choice, something wintrolls have no knowledge about, and are
>>> very afraid off.
>>> No begone back to One Microsoft Way.
>> You mean one of the choices that people routinely make?
>> Crikey, you're clueless if you think swamping the scene with all that
>> silage is a good thing.
> Since your extremely tiny brain can't handle choice, no surprise here

Hadron has a hardon for Windows XP. Why should he accept the choice of anything

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