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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Impending Hardships Described by Microsoft Boosters

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Microsoft Plans To Cut Jobs By 10 Percent

,----[ Quote ]
| "The news is in. All the money making groups cut 10 percent of the 
| workforce," says another Microsoft employee. 


Even Microsoft Jack wrote about it:

Mini-Microsoft floats lay-off rumours in Redmond


What to watch in Seattle tech in '09

,----[ Quote ]
| CUTBACKS: October and November brought a series of layoffs at Seattle-area 
| technology companies -- nothing like the dot-com meltdown, but still 
| substantial enough to make it clear that the belt-tightening is serious.  
| We're anticipating another wave after the holidays. Rumors have already 
| started about possible cuts at Microsoft next month. And venture-backed 
| companies that have yet to turn a profit may be forced to further reduce 
| expenses as it becomes harder to raise capital. The only question is how deep 
| the cuts will go.    



Rumors: Microsoft Layoffs Coming Jan. 15 (MSFT)


Rumors of Upcoming Microsoft Cut-Backs

,----[ Quote ]
| Come 22 Jan 2009 Microsoft will be asked by the analysts what it is doing to
| contain costs. And I believe Microsoft will have an answer. I think this is
| one solution that you don't want to be a part of. I'm all for cutting back,
| but it should have been done long ago, responsibly, vs. forced upon us.
| Because I believe when things turn around, groups will be lighting the
| sparklers and cracking open the Kristal and hiring madly again.


Analyst: Microsoft staff cuts would be "healthy"

,----[ Quote ]
| "While a 10 percent (reduction in force) would be hard for those impacted, we
| believe it would be a healthy move for the company as it would help
| rationalize the tens of thousands of employees who have been hired over the
| past several years," Reback wrote.

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