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[News] Bradley Kuhn (SFLC) Attacks Microsoft's FOSS Involvements/'Incentives'

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It's a Wonderful FLOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps this quote jumped out on me because all the bank run jokes made this 
| year. However, that wasn't the first thing that came to mind. Instead, I 
| thought immediately of Microsoft's presence at OSCON this year and the launch 
| of their campaign to pretend they haven't spent the last ten years trying 
| destroy all of Free Software and Open Source.    
| [...]
| Never forget why they are making the offer. Microsoft is unique among 
| proprietary software companies: they are the only ones who have actively 
| tried to kill Open Source and Free Software. It's not often someone wants to 
| be your friend after trying to kill you for ten years, but such change is 
| cause for suspicion.    



Linux Outlaws 40 - Software Freedom, Lawsuits & Poker

,----[ Quote ]
| In this special episode, we talk to Bradley M. Kuhn of the FSLC & FSC about
| software freedom, litigation against open source developers, the future and
| thread of web services that aren’t open, the AGPL and poker.



Bradley Kuhn makes a better world through software freedom

,----[ Quote ]
| Bradley Kuhn is one of the founding team members of the Software Freedom Law 
| Center, and a longtime advocate for the cause of Free Software. Many consider 
| him one of the most influential voices in the worldwide FLOSS community. 
| Kuhn, formerly the executive director of the Free Software Foundation, took 
| some time recently to catch us up on his latest work.    

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