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[News] 'Bandwidth Monopoly' Under Attack, Wants to Be Free/Open

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When bandwidth is free

,----[ Quote ]
| Monopolists have, so far, convinced people in both parties that they are 
| essential to the maintenance of the Internet. They are not. The Internet was 
| a network-of-networks from the beginning, and must become one again.  
| Let 2009 begin the task of breaking this monopoly, of freeing the bits, and 
| of getting economic growth going again. 


Eliminate the FCC?

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is thus left with its constant choices. You can put your faith in 
| men, you can put your faith in institutions, or you can put your faith in 
| laws, and those who serve the law.  



Reboot the FCC

,----[ Quote ]
| The solution here is not tinkering. You can't fix DNA. You have to bury it.
| President Obama should get Congress to shut down the FCC and similar
| vestigial regulators, which put stability and special interests above the
| public good. In their place, Congress should create something we could call
| the Innovation Environment Protection Agency (iEPA), charged with a simple
| founding mission: "minimal intervention to maximize innovation." The iEPA's
| core purpose would be to protect innovation from its two historical enemies—
| excessive government favors, and excessive private monopoly power.


Comcast files FCC impotence suit

,----[ Quote ]
| But the meatpuppetting cable outfit says it will comply with the order while
| its appeal plays out in federal court. Under the order (PDF), Comcast has
| until September 19 to completely disclose its discriminatory network
| management practices and show how it intends to stop these practices by
| year's end.


FCC pelts Comcast with rotten veg

,----[ Quote
| Having put the company in the stocks two weeks ago, the FCC heaped a load of
| rotten vegetables over US cable giant Comcast yesterday.
| [...]
| The decision set a historic precedent for regulating packet networks, and not
| surprisingly much of the document (pdf) is devoted to a justification of why
| the FCC has the authority to intervene.



FCC's Martin: Comcast blocking was widespread

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast's slowing of peer-to-peer traffic appeared to be more widespread than
| the company has disclosed, the chairman of the US Federal Communications
| Commission said this week.  


Allegations fly in FCC hearing aftermath

,----[ Quote ]
| Comcast Corp. on Tuesday acknowledged hiring people to fill seats before the 
| start of a contentious federal hearing on how the company manages its 
| broadband network, allowing its employees to take those seats when the 
| filled-to-capacity hearing started.   

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