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[News] Enhanced Compositing in GNU/Linux Using Emerald, Compiz++

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How to run Emerald at Startup

,----[ Quote ]
| Emerald is a 3D window decorator for compositing window managers such as 
| Compiz in Ubuntu. Emerald has grown into a very complex window decorator for 
| 3D desktops and supports a wide variety of settings and ways to develop your 
| own themes easily. Emerald is a critical component of my current Ubuntu setup 
| and a few folks have asked what they need to do if they want it to run at 
| startup. Here’s how:     


BREAKING: compiz++ branch hits git

,----[ Quote ]
| Ladies and Gentlemen what you are seeing here may well be the future of 
| compiz as we know it, in a new compiz branch called compiz++ which allows for 
| really neat things like:  



First There Was Compiz, Now There Is Compiz++

,----[ Quote ]
| First there was Compiz, a compositing window manager that brought very
| interesting desktop effects to Linux, and then Beryl came about as a fork of
| Compiz before it ultimately turned into Compiz Fusion. Today though, on
| Christmas eve, the world can now meet Compiz++.
| Compiz++ is a branch of Compiz that brings several new features to the table
| and there are huge changes. First off, the Composite and OpenGL layers to
| Compiz have been separated so that Compiz++ no longer is just a compositing
| window manager. If your graphics hardware or drivers don't support Composite,
| you can now run Compiz++ as a normal window manager without compositing
| effects. Other rendering back-ends could be introduced to Compiz++ so that
| the windowing manager could render to say X Render or Clutter. Compiz++ also
| provides re-parented decorations.


Compiz 0.8 Has Been Branched

,----[ Quote ]
| Compiz 0.7 was released back in February and since then we've seen a series
| of minor updates. Now though we may have Compiz 0.8 to look forward to in the
| near future.


Compiz Support For Multi-Pointer X

,----[ Quote ]
| In May we shared that Multi-Pointer X (or MPX for short) was entering the
| mainline X server. While it was merged to master that month, X Server 1.5 was
| already branched out and therefore it won't appear in X.Org 7.4, but it will
| appear in X Server 1.6 (X.Org 7.5) until next year.

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