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Re: Always Remember Why Erik Funkenbusch continues to Asstoturf in C.O.L.A.

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____/ 7 on Thursday 25 December 2008 12:50 : \____

> Micoshaft asstroturfing fraudster pounding the sock Erik Funkenbusch
> wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft Department of Marketing:
>> Because he thinks he'll get rich off it someday while he waits for his PhD
>> to finally come through.
> Wrote the fscktard tool, sock operative retard, net loon and life long
> BUM BOYEE for Micoshaft corporation asstrotrufing to get paid to buy some
> dope to hallucinate harder and scream abuse on the internet at strangers
> and Linux advocates in a Linux newsgroup. (TM)*

I could get it when I was 24 and get out of campus, but they are happy to have
me around for longer. In fact, I'm meeting the head of the Computer Science
Department next week.

For Munchkins who pretend that there is an issue, there is _none_. I passed my
viva with corrections, like the vast majority of the people. I was given over
a year to do that, which is normal.

- -- 
                ~~ Best of wishes

"If the operating system is in fact a natural monopoly, then what could be
better than having an operating system that nobody owns?"

                                                --James Love
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