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[News] Wikipedia Extends Reach to Mobiles, Knowledge Becomes Freer

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Mobile Wikipedia officially launched

,----[ Quote ]
| Mobile Wikipedia has been officially launched. The new service allows users 
| to view Wikipedia pages on mobile devices by reformatting Wikipedia content 
| to a simpler format. Although there are mobile applications that allow access 
| to Wikipedia content, this is the first service provided by Wikipedia itself. 
| Examination of the settings by ReadWriteWeb suggested that the service may be 
| joined in the future by a "Spoken" version of Wikipedia.     


An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikipedia is built differently from almost every other top 50 website. We 
| have a small number of paid staff, just twenty-three. Wikipedia content is 
| free to use by anyone for any purpose. Our annual expenses are less than six 
| million dollars. Wikipedia is run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, 
| which I founded in 2003.    


What happened to Free and Open Knowledge?

,----[ Quote ]
| People have been bullied through laws and propaganda into “helping” those 
| corporations (and supposedly society as well) by treating abstract 
| computer-readable files as physical objects.  This information could be 
| shared freely and benefit all.  Advocates of this technique say that it is 
| the only way to promote progress, but in reality, it does nothing but 
| diminish its importance.  I suppose I can see how some could 
| confuse “progress” and “private inside information”, as they look the same 
| from the outside.  What is the purpose, however, of useful information if it 
| cannot be built upon and actually used?  Think about if your grandma had 
| a “secret recipe” for the greatest cookies in the world.  If she kept this 
| recipe to herself, nobody but the people in your close family could enjoy 
| these cookies.  Master chefs could, no doubt, fiddle with this recipe for 
| years trying to find an improvement or inventing ways to adopt these cookies 
| for other cultures.  If they were unable to improve perfection, they could 
| still learn new techniques from your grandma and apply those to other 
| recipes.                



Wikipedia launches ‘academy’

,----[ Quote ]
| Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.com launched the ‘Wikipedia Academy’ here
| today in a bid to increase its popularity and to reach out to large number of
| rural masses in the country.
| “This is the first in Asia after the launch of the first Academy last month
| in Germany” Wikipedia.com Founder Jimmy Wales told reporters in Chennai.


Wiki-community strives to extend eastward

,----[ Quote ]
| There are many reasons for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, to take
| interest in India. One of them is the need for balance in socio-geographic
| perspective in Wiki articles. "Being a global encyclopedia, we need an
| east-west balance in our content, quantitatively as well as perceptively,"
| said Wikimedia foundation founder Jimmy Wales, who was in Chennai on Friday
| for the formal inauguration of Asia's first Wikipedia academy.


British ISPs restrict access to Wikipedia amid child pornography allegations

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikinews has learned that at least six of the United Kingdom's main Internet
| Service Providers (ISPs) have implemented monitoring and filtering mechanisms
| that are causing major problems for UK contributors on websites operated by
| the Wikimedia Foundation, amongst up to 1200 other websites.

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