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[News] Free Mobile Browser from Mozilla Around the Corner (Development News)

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Browser for Linux devices hits second alpha

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Labs has released the first version of its "Fennec" mobile device 
| browser that can be tested on PC desktops. Available for Linux, Windows, 
| Macintosh, Maemo, and Windows Mobile, the "alpha 2" browser boasts extension 
| hooks, faster panning and zooming, and improved look and feel, the project 
| says.    
| [...]
| The project has tinkered openly with Fennec throughout 2008, but has 
| previously released test builds of the web browser only for Nokia's N810 MID 
| (mobile internet device), which runs Linux.   


Try Mozilla’s Fennic Mobile Browser on Windows, Mac or Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Hot on the heels of a mobile device browsing tip, I see that Mozilla has 
| outed the next alpha version of their Fennic browser. Fennic is the mobile 
| version of Firefox that’s currently targeted at the Nokia Internet Tablet 
| line, but that’s likely just the beginning of device support considering the 
| vast amount of mobile phones out on the market.    


about:mozilla - Fennec, Firefox, Impact Mozilla, Camino, Firebug, QMO, Videos,
Design community, and more…

,----[ Quote ]
| # Mobile Firefox (Fennec) alpha 2 released
| # Firefox 3.0.5 and now available
| # “Fox For All” wins Impact Mozilla
| # Camino 1.6.6 released
| # Fireunit, testing in the Firebug world
| # Firebug in Firefox 3.1b2 and beyond
| # JSON explorer for Firebug
| # New Mozilla design community mailing list
| # Localization Testing and QA survey
| # Interview: Mozilla Weave project lead
| # Quality Assurance community site now in beta


Fennec is important because there aren't many Free(dom) browsers for phones and
Firefox supports Ogg too.


First look: Mozilla's mobile Fennec browser

,----[ Quote ]
| It is good to see Mozilla putting significant resources and effort into the
| mobile space. Mozilla changed the desktop browser marketplace; I hope its
| influence on mobile browsing will be even bigger.


Mozilla Debuts Mobile Browser Alpha

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla late Thursday released the first public preview of its mobile
| browser, and took the unusual step of offering it in versions for desktop PCs
| and Macs to collect feedback.


Firefox for Mobile: What you need to know

,----[ Quote ]
| How would you like to be among the first to get touchy-feely with the next
| mobile browser everyone's talking about? Mozilla's release of the Firefox for
| Mobile alpha code, code-named Fennec, grants that wish to users of the Nokia
| N810 and N800 Internet tablet (installation details here).


Firefox for Mobile: first screenshots!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Awesome Bar, which lets you search for pages intuitively and directly, is
| prominent, though can clearly be tidied away for a more screen estate for the
| web page itself.


Mozilla plans mobile Firefox, plus 'public resource' usage data

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla's chief has set goals for the development of the open source project
| over the next two years, including the release of a mobile version of Firefox
| by 2010.


Mozilla's Mobile Firefox Targets Summer Release

,----[ Quote ]
| You are one of 8 million users who just downloaded Firefox 3.0. But are you
| ready for Firefox for mobile?
| Later this summer, Mozilla hopes to unveil an alpha release of a mobile
| version of the popular desktop Web browser. A beta release could be available
| by year-end.

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