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Re: Dell.ca Ubuntu Pricing on Drugs?

On Wed, 24 Dec 2008 20:44:35 +0000, Megabyte wrote:

> Terry, I may have to eat my words related to retailing of Linux\XP
> Netbooks from our earlier discussion ;-)

It wasn't a discussion, it was more of a gluttonous extravaganza of name 
calling and finger poking, lol.

> Check out the pricing on the Dell.ca site for the Mini 9, is something
> fishy here?

It's interesting that the Linux and XP models are the same price, 
considering that the XP one has double the ram and double the SSD, and 
Linux is Free.

Perhaps Dell is simply trying to offload stock over the silly season, and 
the XP prices will go back up afterwards ? 

Anyway, now is your chance to get a slow, lacklustre, dog of a XP on a 
Dell netbook for the same price as a Linux unit!

Santa has been either good or cruel to you for all your trolling, 
depending on your point of view :)

> <http://www1.ca.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/laptop-
> All Specs other than those listed below appear to be exactly the same.
> Ubuntu Model
> 512 MB RAM
> 4 GB SSD
> $359
> XP Model
> 1 GB RAM
> 8 GB SSD
> On Sale for $359

Obviously Dell pays at least minus (-) $30 for XP, and can use the cash 
to add specs ;-)

If we wish to reduce our ignorance, there are people we will
indeed listen to.  Trolls are not among those people, as trolls, more or
less by definition, *promote* ignorance.
          Kelsey Bjarnason, C.O.L.A. 2008

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