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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Strength Highlighted This Year

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Ubuntu Review: One Year In

,----[ Quote ]
| After a somewhat belated New Year’s resolution last year, I did manage to 
| complete my goal much more easily than I previously thought possible. In the 
| last 9 months, I can probably count on my two hands then number of times I’ve 
| booted into Vista or XP. I’ve been using Ubuntu on a regular basis since at 
| least February. Now you may ask why I made the switch to Linux. I intend to 
| answer that by giving a summary, including the ups and downs, of my first 
| year with Linux.      


The Win, Fail and Meh of Open Source in 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| With 2008 coming to an end, heise online UK picks what was full of win, who 
| was waiting for the failboat, and who just made us go meh. So in no 
| particular order, here are the Wins, the Fails and the Mehs of Open Source 
| from 2008.   
| Win - Ubuntu 8.04LTS - Canonical shipping a long term support version of 
| Ubuntu was a real win for the FOSS operating system. It gave those users who 
| need the assurance a version of Ubuntu to deploy that has support for longer 
| than the normal 18 months. While there have been Linux distributions with 
| similar offerings, they are usually associated with services or 
| subscriptions. Ubuntu has brought that level of support to a free operating 
| system. Ubuntu has also done more to popularise Linux in 2008 than possibly 
| any other vendor, creating an enthusiastic, inclusive community, around a 
| Linux distribution that sets out to be easy to work with for the general 
| user, rather than just those with a corporate cheque book to hand.         


"I’m thinking of hitting the OEMs harder than in the past with anti-Linux. ...
they should do a delicate dance"

                --Joachim Kempin, Microsoft OEM Chief


Ubuntu Rocks (A Review with Tips)

,----[ Quote ]
| In general, however, I have been quite impressed and would recommend anyone
| would is thinking about giving Linux a try to do so. If you have an older
| machine that seems to have gotten too sluggish, you might have revitalize it
| with a Linux install.


Hands on: Ubuntu 8.10 review

,----[ Quote ]
| "Overall, Ubuntu 8.10 is a solid, polished release," says Linux Format. "Many
| of the changes, while small in themselves, improve the user experience, and
| especially make things easier for those new to Linux...


First Look: Ubuntu 8.10 Arrives, Bringing More User-Friendly Features

,----[ Quote ]
| The official next generation release of Ubuntu Linux has just landed.
| Intrepid Ibex, as this version is known, promises a number of subtle but
| important feature updates that help make Ubuntu even more user-friendly.


Ubuntu's Ibex Loads Up on Linux Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Additionally, underlying user data on Intrepid Ibex itself will be more
| secure, thanks to the ecryptfs data encryption technology it uses.

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