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[News] Linux-powered Gift Suggestions

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The Top 11 Reasons To Give (Or Get) Linux For Christmas! 

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| 1. Linux is free. Linux is free to give, free to share, free to modify and 
| free to distribute. You can download and install Linux to as many computers 
| you own.  You can also give Linux to friends.  Because Linux is open source, 
| you can open up Linux and modify/improve it's code.  You can also create your 
| own Linux distribution and sell it to others (like the folks at Mandriva. 
| Xandros, and Kiowa do). Linux is about freedom.  Freedom to use the OS and 
| share it with others.      


Last-Minute Gifts for the Linuxy at Heart

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| And for other ideas? "If you are a Linux fanboy, walk your talk," yagu 
| urged. "Google Linux gadgets, and give a gift that has a soul." 



The Linux Gadget Hall of Fame: One geek's picks

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux has a strong following among those who manage corporate servers, a
| loyal corps of desktop users and a small but growing base of laptop users.
| But it's also been a big -- if stealthy -- success as a platform for gadgets.
| In fact, there ought to be a Linux Gadget Hall of Fame. I'll get it started
| with the first group of inductees: 10 of the most important gadgets of all
| time, each one based on Linux.


The Best Gift This Christmas! Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| This year, may I suggest a gift that will pay big dividends for you and the
| recipient in the years to come?  Give Linux for Christmas!  When you give
| Linux, you accomplish two things.  First, you learn how to download and burn
| an ISO file to a CD/DVD.

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