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[News] Despite Depression, Red Hat Earnings Soar 20%

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Red Hat profit tops Street forecast

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux software provider Red Hat Inc (RHT.N) reported a quarterly profit on 
| Monday that topped Wall Street's forecast, sending shares up 5 percent in 
| extended trading.  
| The company said its net profit in the fiscal third quarter ended Nov. 30 
| rose to $24.3 million, or 12 cents a share, from $20.3 million, or 10 cents a 
| share, in the year-ago period.  


Red Hat earnings grow nearly 20% in third quarter

,----[ Quote ]
| For the period ended Nov. 30, the company reported net income of $24.3 
| million, or 12 cents per share, compared to earnings of $20.3 million, or 10 
| cents per share, for the same period last year.  


Red Hat earnings increase

,----[ Quote ]
| Revenue increased, by 22 percent, to $165.3 million.



Red Hat's new support product demonstrates subscription value

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat has set the standard for world class software support, consistently
| earning top marks with CIOs for its efforts. On Thursday, however, Red Hat
| outdid itself, introducing a new product support plan called Extended Update
| Support. In a nutshell, Extended Update Support enables customers to run
| their mission-critical systems for longer stretches of time without having to
| take production systems offline to update them.


Working at Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| What I’m trying to say is, most things you see on this blog are possible
| because of Red Hat. Sometimes I feel Red Hat doesn’t get the credit it
| deserves. Red Hat Rocks.



Red Hat climbs after Jefferies upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares of Red Hat Inc. climbed Thursday after a Jefferies analyst upgraded
| the software distributor, noting its 100 percent recurring revenue stream,
| which puts it in a good position to weather the 2009 "spending storm."


Red Hat bucks the trend

,----[ Quote ]
| At a time when most companies are happy if the balance sheet does not show
| any red ink, Red Hat Linux has bucked the trend. Its stock price leapt 32
| percent last week compared to that a year ago, during a week when technology
| stocks overall fell by 2.6 percent.
| According to information available at Channel Insider, the so-called mixed
| source company, Novell, saw its stock price fall by 11 percent, the biggest
| loser of the week.

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