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[News] Free Software Enables Fight Against Censorship

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How to Bypass Internet Censorship :: Book Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The book How to Bypass Internet Censorship  using free software tools is now 
| out. The book is distributed on Lulu.com. The interesting aspect about this 
| book is that it is created using collaborative content development system 
| over a period of (just) five days by various contributors.   


A declaration of digital rights

,----[ Quote ]
| After 60 years, it’s time to refresh the Universal Declaration of Human 
| Rights to take in the new digital frontier argues Peter Bradwell of UK think 
| tank Demos  
| [...]
| It is now necessary, in the right form, to guarantee technology remains open, 
| accessible and free. Just as with the Declaration of Human Rights, that takes 
| a healthy mix of optimism, advocacy and realism.  



OpenVPN counters censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| Journalists at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing will not have unfettered
| access to the Internet. However, GPL software OpenVPN can be used to easily
| circumvent such censorship.


Freenet: An Open Source, Anonymous Voice for Anyone

,----[ Quote ]
| Freenet is a decentralized lash-up of computing resources designed to foil
| censhorship on the Internet, and allow anyone to publish information
| anonymously from anywhere. It may be of particular value to users in
| censorship-heavy parts of the world such as China, where saying the wrong
| thing on a blog can lead to jail time. As you may recall, some of the first
| reports to the rest of the world about the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989
| came from online users breaking Chinese censorship laws.


AT&T Mulls Watching You Surf

,----[ Quote ]
| AT&T is “carefully considering” monitoring the Web-surfing activities of
| customers who use its Internet service, the company said in a letter in
| response to an inquiry from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.


McCain's tech platform opposes 'unnecessary regulation'

,----[ Quote ]
| John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, has released his
| technology platform. Among the highlights: antipiracy measures, tax credits,
| and a formal federal policy of avoiding "unnecessary regulation."


Home Office questioned over Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| Critics have asked why the Home Office has not intervened over secret Phorm
| trials BT conducted in 2006 and 2007.

The EU has asked the UK government to clarify the situation.

Bad Phorm: EU demands UK Government response on intrusive web ad tracking

,----[ Quote ]
| Controversial behavioral advertising targeting outfit Phorm, whose Webwise ad
| technology monitors user browsing habits to serve appropriate advertising
| messages, might have dragged the UK Government into a slugfest with the
| European Union over a possible breach of strict Euro data laws...


Europe votes on anti-piracy laws

,----[ Quote
| Other amendments added to the packet of laws allow governments to decide
| which software can be used on the web.
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