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[News] The MAFIAA is Killing Its Rivals Using Threats

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Chilling Effects: Another Mixtape Provider Shut Down

,----[ Quote ]
| A few months ago, the RIAA shut down Muxtape, a very popular and incredibly 
| useful online service that let individuals create "mixtapes" for streaming to 
| others. As anyone with even a hint of business sense would recognize, this 
| was a great promotional tool for musicians. I, personally, ended up buying a 
| bunch of music after hearing stuff from others on Muxtape. But the way some 
| of the big record labels see things, no one should be allowed to innovate 
| without paying the record labels directly for the right to do so.      
| It seems this trend is continuing. Mixwit is the latest to shut down. 


Record Labels Continue To Go After Music Startups

,----[ Quote ]
| On Friday, we wrote about how the likelihood of eventual lawsuits created a 
| chilling effect that shut down Mixwit, a useful online mixtape service 
| provider. It seemed quite unlikely that Mixwit was violating copyrights, as 
| it didn't host any music nor make the music that people played through 
| available for download.    


It's time to send the MAFIAA along with Icahn and Madoff back to the zoo.


RIAA boss: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| The issue of encryption "would have to be faced," Sherman admitted after
| talking about the wonders of filtering. "One could have a filter on the end
| user's computer that would actually eliminate any benefit from encryption
| because if you want to hear [the music], you would need to decrypt it, and at
| that point the filter would work."    

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