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[News] Municipalities in Greece Take the Free Software Route

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GR: Municipalities to get open source platform for electronic services

,----[ Quote ]
| Greek municipalities are building an open source platform to offer citizens 
| and small and medium sized business access to their services. This Local 
| Government Application Framework (LGAF) will be developed by the Central 
| Union of Municipalities of Greece (Kedke).   
| Sixteen cities and municipalites will begin the development project, 
| including Imathia, Ithaca, Konitsa and Chios.  


Upcoming European Open Source Conferences: links 21-12-2008



Athens schools promote 'open source' computing

,----[ Quote ]
| Athens was invited because it is one of few districts in Michigan teaching on 
| Linux operating systems. Linux is a cost-free alternative to proprietary 
| systems, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple's Mac O.S. While some open source 
| software applications, such as e-mail programs, come at a cost, Linux is 
| almost entirely free. Windows or Mac systems can cost up to $400 per machine.    
| Open source means the source code for an operating system cannot be owned and 
| is available for free. 


Let’s set the ERT audiovisual archive free (manifesto - draft)

,----[ Quote ]
| Greek citizens, but also citizens of other countries, we jointly sign this 
| text on the occasion of ERT’s choice to distribute its audiovisual archive 
| non-freely to the public. Our aim and ambition is to publicize our 
| propositions so that they become the starting point of an open dialog among 
| the Greek society, the European and global public audience and to signal the 
| revision of backward policies and the creation of common political wealth.     
| Few days ago, the ERT administration presented the beginning of the 
| availability, only via Internet streaming, of a part of its audiovisual 
| archive. This move constitutes an important first step, which, however, in 
| our opinion, is tarnished by the fact that the public availability of the 
| archive is not made free, although the Greek and European citizens have paid 
| their money to make the production and digitization of the archive feasible.     


Open source tour of Europe: Greece

,----[ Quote ]
| There are isolated examples of public open source adoption projects, such as
| Heraklion on the island of Crete expressing a preference for open source
| software for its e-Government portal, Athens using Linux, Apache and PHP, and
| Toperos Xanthis using Linux and Joomla.


Hot stuffin' in Greece?

,----[ Quote ]
| After the voting of the Greek HoD you may ask why the votes were 14 in total,
| when the organisations appointed to the committee are just 12. That's only
| the latest of the magical wonders around OpenXML.  
| [...]
| New voting members are joining the committee at the last minute:
|     However, during the discussion, the representative of the Information
|     Society showed the fax he had received, to which was attached the
|     decision 19103/08 of the ELOT administration, dated 1 February 2008,
|     which modifies the composition of the Committee by adding four new
|     organisations: the Ministry of Education, two departments of the Ministry
|     of Economics, and Information Society S.A. The representatives of NTUA
|     had not been informed of this decision.      


Greece sell-out Proposal

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Hellas proposes a contract that will take over control of the
| sovereign European state. Greece would lose the right to speak about other
| products its government uses and gain the right to support the business
| interests of the vendor and its policy goals.
| [...]
| Nice proposal, Microsoft will help Greece to spy on its ICT infrastructure in
| order to weaken the procurement power of Greece for the benefit of the
| supplier. Win-Win, right?

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