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[News] Op Ed: GNU/Linux Desktop Should Make Microsoft Worried

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Linux Approaching Tipping Point

,----[ Quote ]
| If I were Microsoft, I’d be worried.  And I drank the Redmond Kool-Aid many 
| years ago when Steve Balmer gave me a free copy of all of Microsoft’s 
| business-related software in order to help my fledgling book publishing 
| company.  In return, I helpd convert 2 companies into Microsoft shops.  I 
| still love Microsoft, but with an almost or actual depression staring the 
| world in the eyes, I’m not sure I can afford their stuff any longer.     


Even Microsoft employees are moving to GNU/Linux (examples below).


When did I become such a tool?

,----[  ]
| Six years ago I began working for Microsoft.
| The ways I thought about my time changed. How I thought about my
| career changed. How I thought about my place in the world changed.
| [...]
| Moving my family computer from Windows XP to some form of Linux. A
| symbolic gesture more than anything - but one that will force me to do
| those things I so sorely miss.


Former Microsoft Insider Speaks Out

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet Explorer was an attempt to counter a "threat" against the 
| Windows platform.  During the interview, he talked about the attack 
| on Netscape.  He said, "Steve Ballmer was hammering on BillG about 
| how the Internet could make Windows irrelevant. BillG wasn't getting 
| it; he was focused on the Windows apps.  Then, BillG woke up and saw 
| Java running on Netscape, which, of course, ran on many platforms, 
| including our arch-enemy at that time, OS/2."  It started out as an 
| HTML rendering application, but Internet Explorer grew larger with 
| OLE 2.0, which became a great security concern as this former 
| insider, along with other developers, had plenty of experience 
| fighting viruses, and they saw it as another opening for virus 
| writers, especially since for all intents and purposes from 
| Windows 95 on, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer were one 
| and the same.
| During the later part of the 1990's, Sum Yung Gai left Microsoft 
| to finish his degree.  When asked how they felt about his departure, 
| he said, "I went back to finish my college education, and none of us 
| ever suspected I'd get into this GNU thing or Free Software.


My $300 UPNP Media Server and NAS (On Ubuntu)

,----[ Quote ]
| First, I'll mention that there are indeed off-the-shelf NAS solutions that do 
| this, such as the DNS-323.  I've had pretty bad experience with these, and in 
| my case i'm actually replacing my DNS-323 becuase I was just tired of the 
| constant lock-ups/failures/etc.   

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