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[News] Over 20 Windows Managers for GNU/Linux and Why They're Important

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21 of the Best Free Linux Window Managers

,----[ Quote ]
| An X Window manager is software that manages the windows that applications 
| bring up. For example, when you start an application, there will be a window 
| manager running in the background, responsible for the placement and 
| appearance of windows.   
| It is important not to confuse a window manager with a desktop environment. A 
| desktop environment typically consists of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, 
| wallpapers, and desktop widgets. They provide a collection of libraries and 
| applications made to operate cohesively together. A desktop environment 
| contains its own window manager.     


All window managers are not equal in screen redraw speed.

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been going through a stage of trying several different window managers 
| and I found something that surprised me. The screen redraw speed of different 
| window managers have a visual difference in screen redraw speed.   
| For an example I spent several days using openbox and enlightenment as the 
| window manager for KDE and as the sole window manager with nothing else. On 
| all of them I ran mythtv for watching television.   


15 Tips to Improve your Linux Experience

,----[ Quote ]
| The beauty of Linux is in users ability to do large amount of customization 
| to have a unique user expereince. So today we will look in to some tips for 
| a “better” Linux experience. The term “better” here is relative, because what 
| works for me might seem a distraction for some or plain annoying to others; 
| some of this “tips” might appeal to beginners, while advanced users might 
| find it too easy. Hopefully some of these tips will be helpful to some of 
| you.      



20 Most Nimble and Simple X Window Managers for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the best ways to speed up your Linux desktop is to utilize an
| ultra-lightweight window manager. To all speed-conscious techies, minimalist
| lovers, and to those who are still hoping to revive their ageing computer
| hardware, let me introduce you to the 20 most nimble and simple X window
| managers for Linux.


The Big X Window Manager Guide (with Screenshots)

,----[ Quote ]
| So what are window managers? Officially, a window manager in GNU/Linux is a
| piece of software which controls placement and appearance of windows in a
| graphical user interface in X. So, what you get is a module which could be
| used in a desktop environment, or as a desktop environment (in conjuction
| with other modules, such as a idesk). All the WMs listed here can easily be
| obtained through your distribution’s respective repositories. You can also
| visit the project’s website and download the WM from there.

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