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[News] [Rival] Microsoft and Another Corrupt Proxy Pull Out OOXML Patents

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Microsoft excludes competitors with OOXML patent license?

,----[ Quote ]
| ECMA has just published two documents related to the patent licensing of 
| ECMA376v1 and ECMA376v2. Microsoft promises to give a patent license under so 
| called "reasonable terms". Reasonable for whom?  
| [...]
| We have requested a commercial patent license in July, but radio silence 
| since then on the Microsoft side. Yet another proof that the patent system 
| does not work.  



Norwegians leave their Standards Body in protest

,----[ Quote ]
| 13 members of the TC in Norway has left their Standards Body in protest. They
| say that the Standards Body has lost its credibility in the IT area. Remember
| that Standards Norway was voting Yes with the support of only 2 companies
| (Microsoft and Statoil), and against the will of the rest of the technical
| committee.
| [...]
|     Oslo, Monday 29 september 2008
|     We, the undersigned, are ending our cooperation with Standard Norway.
|     It is the play when organizations should have our common interest aimed
|     to fail the task. Through the work of OOXML Standard Norway has shown,
|     with a clear margin, that they are not fit to represent Norway in the
|     ISO.
|     "Standardization of formats for content on the Web is more important than
|     ever. A large part of mankind's communication is done digitally, and
|     all - ALL - to have the ability to read and write these formats," said
|     Haakon Wium Lie.
|     Standard Norway chose to defy their own technical committee and vote yes
|     to a specification that is immature, useless, and unworthy to is called
|     an ISO standard.
|     To Standard Norway has carried this process we consider that the
|     organization has lost its credibility in the IT area. Standards Norway
|     has set its own commercial interests ahead of what is most societies
|     server, technological and academic advisable. "By participating in a
|     further work in Standard Norway will we lose our academic credibility,"
|     said Arne S. Nielsen.
|     Therefore, we choose to stay out.
|     We end our cooperation with Standard Norway because:
|         * Standard administration has taken the option to emphasize 37 letter
|         from Microsoft partners more than their own technical committee.
|         * Standard process in Norway has been unpredictable and playing rules
|         have been changed by the administration along the way.
|         * SN and ISO have committed a series of violations of their own rules
|         and other irregularities in the OOXML process.
|     The undersigned:
|        1. Haakon Wium Lie
|        2. Martin Bekkelund (NUUG)
|        3. Petter Reinholdtsen (NUUG)
|        4. Linpro AS v/ Trond Heier Linpro AS v / Trond Heier
|        5. Bjørn Venn
|        6. Steve Pepper
|        7. Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen
|        8. Henning Kulander
|        9. Axel Bojer
|       10. Geir Isene
|       11. Thomas Malt
|       12. Anthony Lardahl (NUUG)
|       13. Knut Olav Bøhmer Knut



EC probes OOXML standards-setting process

,----[ Quote ]
| A spokesman for the European Commissioner for Competition, Neelie Kroes, told
| The Register that regulators were continuing to scrutinise interoperability
| issues related to Microsoft’s products following complaints from the
| Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) group.  
| As part of that process, the EC formally contacted a number of national
| standards bodies, including the Norwegian Standards Institute (NSI),
| requesting more details about possible irregularities in the OOXML
| standardisation process.  
| [...]
| “It must be stressed that it is not the Commission's intention to influence
| the outcome of this process, but the Commission considers it essential to
| ensure that European competition law is not violated in the course of the
| standard setting process,” he said in an email to El Reg.  
| In January the EC began formal anti-trust probes against Microsoft in two
| cases where it was alleged that the multinational firm had abused its strong
| market position. As part of the investigation into the first case, the
| Commission said that it would scrutinise OOXML on the grounds that the
| specification doesn't work with those of competitors.    

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