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[News] 'Cloud' Computing Overhyped, AGPL Essential

Is Cloud Computing Vaporware?

,----[ Quote ]
| Cloud computing is being over-hyped, and enterprises should be wary after 
| high-profile outages at providers such as Amazon cloud services, said analyst 
| firm Ovum.  
| A raft of IT-as-a-service offerings have emerged in recent years, including 
| Amazon Web Services, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service 
| (S3) along with Google Apps offering and the Salesforce platform-as-a-service 
| product.   


Affero GPL is freedom to the web

,----[ Quote ]
| There is no question in my mind that freedom must be fought for and defended 
| with all means available.  We have copyright laws and we use it.  The GNU 
| system and copyleft is mainstream on personal computers and servers. Now, 
| with the Affero GPL it’s time to take freedom to the web.   



Funambol's CEO sees AGPL as essential for FOSS in cloud computing's future

,----[ Quote ]
| "The future of software is in cloud computing," says Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO
| of Funambol, a company that provides mobile services. And if free and open
| source software (FOSS) is going to survive in that emerging market, he says,
| then the community needs to adjust by promoting greater use of the GNU Affero
| General Public License (AGPL), a license specifically crafted for software as
| a service.


Do we need GPLv3?

,----[ Quote ]
| Regardless of opinion on the merits of the new GPL, the fact is it's
| here--and likely here to stay.
| In essence, copyleft is a complete reversal of traditional copyright values
| where the law sees software as a literary work under the Copyright, Designs
| and Patents Act 1988.
| [...]
| The result is a new version of the license that is much clearer in its scope
| and application. It also takes greater account of software patents. To
| prevent software owners using patents to impose additional terms on users,
| the license includes the use of any patents owned by copyright holders that
| fall within the scope of the software. The termination provisions are also
| made clearer and are now automatic instead of requiring a notice from a
| copyright holder.
| [...]
| Conversion from GPL version 2 to version 3 is increasing as existing open
| source applications seek to benefit from the improved certainty afforded by
| the new terms. That's not to say that version 2 is unenforceable, it will
| continue to exist and be used by those who prefer it, but version 2 and
| version 3 are incompatible. Thus a decision needs to be made by those
| organizations 'going open' as to how they would prefer their software to be
| made available--and soon.


GPLv3/AGPLv3 Adoption: If It Happened Too Fast, I'd Be Worried

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the release of GPLv3, technology pundits have been opining about how
| adoption is unlikely, usually citing Linux's still-GPLv2 status as (often
| their only) example. Even though I'm a pro-GPLv3 (and, specifically,
| pro-AGPLv3) advocate, I have never been troubled by slow adoption, as long as
| it remained on a linear upswing from release day onward (which it has).


AGPLv3 Keeps Open Source Vibrant in Age of SaaS

,----[ Quote ]
| For all practical purposes, the AGPLv3 is a key advance for everyone involved
| in open source, regardless of if you are a software developer, Internet end
| user or enterprise end user. The AGPLv3 closes the ASP loophole and keeps the
| freedom of open source software alive, in the age of SaaS and hosted
| applications.


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