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[News] GNU/Linux and Windows Distant Apart

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The Linux/windows divide is a turbulent one.

,----[ Quote ]
| At this moment in time there seems to be a war going on. On one side there is 
| the proprietary systems, iconified by windows. On the other side there is the 
| open source systems, iconified by Linux. There is also a third group, the 
| fence sitters, who alternate between the two camps. These are neither willing 
| or able to choose one side and stick with it.     
| [...]
| In the end, I guess I am saying that the friction and turbulence betwee the 
| windows and Linux cultures is not a bad thing. It is painful, chaotic, 
| emotional and frustrating but something good will come out of it. The real 
| question here is. Which culture will absorb the other? Will we be left with a 
| Linux culture flavoured by windows or does our future consist of a windows 
| culture flavoured by Linux? What do you think?      


Days ago:

Java Performance: Ubuntu Linux vs. Windows Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, Java on Ubuntu was pretty much the hands-down winner compared to
| Microsoft Windows Vista Premium SP1.


Linux runs Java faster than Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| IF YOU WERE WONDERING which operating system runs Java most efficiently, then
| perhaps you're in for a shock. Running Java benchmark tests on both Windows
| Vista and Ubuntu Linux has shown that yet again, Vista came last.

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