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[News] The Story of SuSE Linux

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SUSE against the tide

,----[ Quote ]
| Just as surprising as the agreement itself was the enthusiastic participation 
| and defence of the agreement by the developers Novell inherited from Ximian. 
| This enthusiasm was not unconnected to Ximian's committment to Mono, its own  
| free software implementation of the .Net framework, (which is heavily 
| implicated in future GNOME development), and the fear of many that parts of 
| the Mono implementation may turn out to be patent encumbered, or that support 
| will be compromised in other ways. The participation of Novell's corporate 
| wonks in such an agreement could feasibly be excused on the grounds of 
| ignorance or indifference. It is perhaps less easy to understand the  
| enthusiasm of the participating free software developers.       
| Novell claims that the agreement has brought significant advantages to Linux 
| and Novell, which is beginning to show healthy returns on its Linux business. 
| It may also have brought significant damage to SUSE's long term place in the 
| affections of the community...   



Chickens Pecking Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell-- meh. Once upon a time they were a determined, though unfortunately
| incompetent competitor to Microsoft. They had a network OS that supported
| pretty much anything you could throw into it, with all of the identity
| management and resource management and interoperability you could want. Now
| they're little better than a branch of Microsoft. It's a good thing the
| openSUSE project is slowly becoming more independent, because SUSE is worth
| salvaging.


Novell and Microsoft: Stop with the FUD already

,----[ Quote ]
| In an e-mail interview with Ian Bruce, Novell's public relations director,
| Bruce wrote me that customers wanted the Novell/Microsoft package, in part,
| because it "provides IP (intellectual property) peace of mind for
| organizations operating in mixed source environments."
| It does? Since when?

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