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[News] New Linux Ready for Christmas, Kernel Report

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Linux 2.6.28-rc9

,----[ Quote ]
| And btw, I do think that I'll make 2.6.28 be a Christmas release (or 
| Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Insert-Favorite-Holiday, whatever). Because 
| quite frankly, this kind of boredom won't help anything and I'll go stir 
| crazy if I have to do this for another two weeks.
| And I'll make the merge window longer for people who prefer getting drunk 
| on glögg to being a useful kernel developer. Although you could do both: 
| just prepare your tree to be pulled before christmas, and then you can be 
| in a mulled-wine-induced stupor while _also_ feeling like a productive 
| member of society during the holidays.


Kernel Log: What's coming in 2.6.28 - Part 9: Fastboot and other remainders

,----[ Quote ]
| The previous eight parts of the kernel log's "What's coming in 2.6.28" series 
| discussed some of the most important changes to the Linux kernel incorporated 
| with 2.6.28. Quite a few of the commits for the main development branch, 
| however, don't really belong to any of the topics discussed in the series so 
| far and as a result, haven't yet been mentioned. In other cases, the kernel 
| developers have made minor, but significant changes to some kernel areas, 
| after we had covered them.      


Linux is probably used on billions of computers (some are very small). Apple
and Microsoft don't like taking about these computers when they spend billions
on marketing.


Kernel Log: What's coming in 2.6.28 - Part 4: Improved graphics support

,----[ Quote ]
| Two collections of patches (1, 2) proposed by the maintainer of the Direct
| Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) have incorporated numerous graphics hardware
| support improvements into the main development branch. This is the
| development branch which will produce Linux version 2.6.28 at the end of this
| year or at the beginning of next year.


Kernel Log: New Atheros WLAN drivers and stable kernels, radeon vs. radeonhd

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Wi-Fi specialist and developer Luis R. Rodriguez, who has worked for
| Atheros for several months now, has announced the release of the Otus driver
| under the ISC open source licence. This driver for Atheros UB81, UB82 and
| UB83 802.11n USB Wi-Fi chips has been released to have it integrated into the
| main development branch of Linux as soon as possible. That this approach can
| work very well was already demonstrated by ath9k. The kernel hackers
| integrated it into the main development branch that recently produced Linux
| 2.6.27 only a few weeks after its release in July. As the next versions of
| Fedora, OpenSuse and Ubuntu will come with this kernel version, all three
| will also include ath9k.

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