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Re: [News] Free/Open Source Exceptionally Successful with VARs Right Now

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Open-Source Solutions Catch Fire with VARs
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | There's a love affair brewing between channel partners and open source.
> | After flying below the radar for several years, open-source solutions
> | are gaining altitude in the channel as VARs discover there's money to be
> | made in the open-source world.

Yes, and I wonder how many have MP5 players to sell?
The product managers should be rushing out there and telling all their Linux
suppliers to make and give them MP5 players - for example.
Veho Quinque Linux MP5 player as an example is a world apart from MP4
players and costs less than many an MP4 player.
It plays mpg files from video CDs directly without need for conversion.
How much management time that must save thanks to 200MHz Linux Arm CPU!!!
But the world is changing even faster.
Now the 400MHz $7 Arm chips are out. http://www.linux4sam.org/ 
So you could be running full blown Linux and Open Office 
on your 'MP6 player'!!!!!!!!!!!

Its all down to product managers going out there and raiding the
Linux houses, placing orders and giving out the specifications
to get the next generation of even more powerful Linux products built and
ready before next Christmas.

> | More VARs, software developers and other channel partners are finding
> | that open-source solutions present benefits over proprietary software
> | and hardware, including better margins and broader opportunities to make
> | money from customization and integration services.
> `----
> http://www.itchannelplanet.com/channel/article.php/3791311/OpenSourc

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