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[News] Free Software Darwinism

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Darwinian or Marxist?

,----[ Quote ]
| If the person posing the question happens to get smarter and asks 
| specifically about software and music piracy, Stallman gave an even better 
| answer: “Pirates never attack ships with software and music, they do it with 
| guns.”   
| In Stallman’s opinion, piracy is one of the terms invented as a means of 
| attacking freedom and “social solidarity”  of a community that needs to be 
| rejected. “Breaking any agreement isn’t the right thing to do, but if a 
| software vendor compares your urge to share things you like with your friends 
| with attacking a ship, the idea deserves to be denounced,” Stallman declared 
| during his public speech, to the applause of the crowd.     
| Without doubt, the idea of ‘free’ software is to think about software 
| development/distribution from the user’s point of view. The freedoms to run, 
| to study the source code, to modify and to share and distribute the copies 
| with others would make sense to a user. But to what extent such things can be 
| demanded in an era of branding and ‘big money’ technology is a question that 
| still lingers after all the convincing arguments.     
| For a fact, Stallman himself doesn’t oppose the idea of doing business by 
| selling software, but he wants those developing/selling software products to 
| follow the ‘freedoms’ stringently. Perhaps his contention that people are so 
| occupied to buy something that can run on their machines that they forget 
| their rights, could be valid.    



Linux fights Creationism in UK schools

,----[ Quote ]
| I do love Linux, it's so..., well..., so not-boring. The laptop I am writing
| on is using Fedora 9 and KDE 4, my big laptop is using Ubuntu's Hardy Heron
| with all the 3D twirly bits on a Gnome desktop, my Asus EeePC sometimes uses
| Xandros' Easy interface and sometimes good old Puppy Linux (soooo fast) and
| I'm not sure what my Elonex One is running. I nearly forgot, my Mac-book,
| it's running an OS named after a large cat.
| To cap it all, this month's Linux mag shows yet another small laptop, this
| one from Gdium is booting Mandriva Linux from a USB-stick and so doesn't even
| have an OS installed, embedded or otherwise: I need one of these sticks.
| You will soon get where this is headed. I love this rapid spurt in PC
| evolution, but to a school or any big institution such diversification looks
| like the Tower of Babel; they'll not be happy.
| Creationist vs. Evolutionists
| I would posit, with some 30 years experience as a school teacher, that
| schools are by and large 'ICT Creationists' by disposition. 'ICT
| Evolutionism' with its fits and starts and sheer pointlessness is unlikely to
| have any real appeal.



The Software God Delusion

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source isn’t religion; it’s an evolution of the software industry.


Software Science vs Software Evolution, or Software Science and Software

,----[ Quote ]
| And yet the unanticipated success of high profile technologies like Linux,
| Apache, MySQL, PHP, and even Rails suggest that complementing software
| science with software evolution is likely to yield even more impressive
| results. By all means, employ science to focus and hone your investments when
| necessary, but don’t forget that evolution is where true innovation comes
| from.      


Have we raised a generation of technology drones?

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been in the IT field long enough to remember when we didn't
| live in a Microsoft centric world. Several office applications from
| different vendors existed: Wordstar, Ami Pro/Word Pro, WordPerfect,
| Word, etc. Everyone had their preferences, based on needs, personal
| preferences, support and sometimes just on having learned a particular
| application first. Microsoft's domination in the office and now
| educational desktop seems to have led to a generation of technology
| drones. How can competition exist when anything not produced by Microsoft
| is considered to be a lesser product?


Kernel Evolution

,----[ Quote ]
| "To quote you a number of years ago: 'Linux is evolution, not intelligent
| design'," noted Greg KH, quoting Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Linus expanded
| on the statement, "evolution often does odd (and 'suboptimal') things exactly
| because it does incremental changes that DO NOT BREAK at any point." He
| continued, "in other words, exactly because evolution
| requires 'bisectability' (any non-viable point in between is a dead end by
| definition) and does things incrementally, it doesn't do big flips."      


(Linux perspective:) Apple embeds Mac OS X in phone, set-top box

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Unix-based operating systems have not proven as popular or as
| successful as Linux for embedded applications, because BSD's
| licensing places no obligation on users to contribute their
| improvements back to the community. Thus, if Apple plans to
| use Mac OS X in a range of embedded devices, it will have
| to do all of its own development work.

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