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[News] Free Software Claims Victories Around the World

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Report from the free software movement in Kerala

,----[ Quote ]
| What struck me on the first day was the speech by Eben Moglen, lawyer of the 
| Free Software Foundation, who basically said that “we have won”. As we have 
| power, we now have responsibility was his main message. This may appear quite 
| surprising, but seen from the perspective of Kerala, where the government 
| fully supports free software and received Richard Stallman with extraordinary 
| honours, it looked like a quite realistic assessment. The Kerala government, 
| which mandated usage of free software by its school system, may well be the 
| first free software state in the world. Eben Moglen went further, by positing 
| a global axis consisting of South America, and Scandinavia. I can at least 
| confirm that my visit in Ecuador last month, also a gathering of free 
| software advocates of the whole continent, indeed showed it to be a thriving 
| social movement, supported at least by the regional governments of Ecuador, 
| Venezuela and Bolivia, with healthy grassroots activities everywhere else. 
| Richard Stallman was less upbeat than Moglen, stressing we have a long way to 
| go, much work to do.              


Free Software for Movie industry workshop

,----[ Quote ]
| Free Software is software that gives users the freedom to use, copy, share, 
| study, and modify. The freedoms also make it possible to get the software 
| free of cost. The Free Software Movement, started about a quarter of a 
| century back, is a global movement today and a number of governments and 
| public and private organisations are opting to use Free Software for their 
| purposes.     



FSF India sends letter to Education Minister of Kerela

,----[ Quote ]
| Subject: Forcing schools to use proprietary software illegally
| During the last few decades, Kerala has been following a unique development
| path that has been considered a model for the rest of the country and even
| other underdeveloped countries. Kerala, again showed a model to the world
| with its vision to build an inclusive Knowledge society. Its IT Policy
| clearly states that the "Government realizes that Free Software presents a
| truly unique opportunity in building a truly egalitarian knowledge society.
| The Government will take all efforts to develop Free Software and Free
| Knowledge and shall encourage and mandate the appropriate use of Free
| Software in all ICT initiatives." (section 2.10, IT Policy document, Kerala
| Govt.)        
| We congratulate the government for its efforts to support Free Software and
| free knowledge initiatives. Schools, KSEB, Kerala State Khadi Board etc.
| successfully completed their migration to Free Software. Public sector
| initiatives like Keltron are doing mega projects completely in Free Software.
| With these examples, the state showed that "Free Software" is a feasible
| technological alternative to any proprietary technology.      



All set for Linux users’ meet

,----[ Quote ]
| The new and most exciting development in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
| scene, no doubt, is the launch of Mozilla Firefox 3, a FOSS Application for
| Internet browsing that provides better speed, security and flexibility.


Kerala Blazing the Trail for FOSS in Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Kerala is all set to become the first state in the country to completely
| banish Microsoft and allow only GNU/Linux free software to be used in the
| mandatory IT test at the state SSLC examinations that half a million students
| took in March. Till last year, they could take the exam using either free
| software or the Microsoft platform. Not anymore'.    


Kerala shuts windows, schools to use only Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A few weeks ago, the Government formally ordered that only free Linux-based
| software should be used for IT education in high schools, using new the Linux
| text books developed by State Council for Educational Research and Training
| and the Free Software Foundation of India.  


Adventures with Neko

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, a few of us had a discussion about translating the book to
| Malayalam. GNU/Linux is now available in a lot of schools - and a local
| language version would be a boon to many smart kids who are capable of
| learning things by themselves.  


The Story of Free Software in Kerala, India

,----[ Quote ]
| We saw how Free Software has come to stay in Kerala. The natural question
| this raises is, “Why Kerala?” There is no other state in the country where
| Free Software has made an impact that is anywhere near that in Kerala.  


Kerala On Linux Express Highway

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux slip-road that the state took is slowly becoming an
| express highway.
| [...]
| If we twist Napoleon's quote on China a bit, we can safely say, "Linux is a
| sleeping giant, let it sleep, because when Linux moves the world moves!"


“Linux is more stable, it is crash resistant, and its compatibility and
interoperability is as high as Microsoft”

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is what Wassan has to say on the strategic equilibrium that he is
| working on for government and enterprises. He feels it is vital for
| opening up an opportunity for Linux to compete and develop a stronghold
| on the market
| [...]
| Majority of the schools in Kerala, for instance, have already switched over
| to Linux and this has been possible only with the help of government support.
| Moreover, 18 of 28 Indian states use Linux or have pilot projects for to be
| used in government depart­ments and education sector.  
| [...]
| We have developed a partner­ship with eSys India who already has its own base
| of large number of channel partners. Our products and software are supplied
| to the end-customers through the retail partners of eSys. We are in a
| dialogue to develop alliances with more and more distributors so that our
| reach to the customers is increased.    


Students develop supercomputer

,----[ Quote ]
| Team leader C. Mahesh said that Dakshina, with Linux operating system, is a
| platform to deliver excellent performance for users who seek high computer
| power and resource in a multitasking environment. Dakshina utilises message
| passing interface for a fault tolerant communication between the
| computational nodes. It also utilises parallelism technologies like
| multicore, multithreading and cluster of workstations.    


FOSS India Awards: Name It To Claim It

,----[ Quote ]
| According to openITis.com, "By creating a platform for Indian developers to
| showcase their contributions, we hope to wipe away the rampant misconception
| that Indians do not contribute to the FOSS ecosystem..."  


Students develop new GNU installer

,----[ Quote ]
| “The developed installer LX series of advanced Debian GNU Hurd is available
| in the CD format. It makes the installation task much simple and easy to
| boot,” said Raju. The students were assisted by two lecturers P Badarudeen
| and A.Ragesh of the IT department, besides the guidance by Philip Charles.  


Dishaa '08 a big success

,----[ Quote ]
| the first GNU/Linux Install Fest, organised here on Saturday turned out to be
| a big success...


IT@SCHOOL project in NEWS-

,----[ Quote ]
| IT@SCHOOL project offers exclusively free software based support for primary
| education in kerala.This time,Director of Public instruction has decided to
| conduct SSLC(secondary school leaving certificate-the basic requirement for
| higher studies in INDIA) IT practical examination for this year from 27th
| February to 7th March 2008. It is first time , conducting IT practical
| examination for complete students in the free software – IT@School GNU/Linux.
| IT@School project and Pareekshabhavan has entrusted to conduct the
| examination for more than 4.7 lakh students throughout the schools of Kerala,
| Lakshadeep and Gulf countries. IT@school admins are preparing to apply for
| guiness as they have the largest number of student attending an exam based on
| exclusive free software based softwares:)          

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