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[News] Google Goal to Bring More Women to GNU/Linux

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Google Sponsoring Female Delegates For Linux.conf.au

,----[ Quote ]
| The "Google-linux.conf.au Diversity Delegates Programme" might have an 
| awkward name, but it has a simple aim: to improve the participation of women 
| at Linux.conf.au, which takes place in Hobart in January 2009.  



Bug 272826: Ubuntero

,----[ Quote ]
| Some folks are bugged by the term "Ubuntero," which led to Ubuntu bug report
| 272826:
| The term "Ubuntero", which is presumably of Spanish derivation, is only
| applicable for male contributors. A female contributor should be called an
| Ubuntera, which is impossible currently as a contributor is not asked his or
| her sex.
| I suggest introducing a question about a participant's sex in the profile, or
| substituting "Ubuntista" which is applicable for a man or a woman.
| According to the Ubuntu Community page, Ubunteros (aka Ubuntites) are Ubuntu
| activists. This Ubuntero name has been used for the past few years, but now
| there is discussion about changing it to Ubuntista, or another gender-neutral
| word.


Ten easy ways to attract women to your free software project

,----[ Quote ]
|   * Women like working cooperatively, they don’t just tolerate it
|   * The “reputation game” is much less important to women than
|     is “belonging” to the group


ANZ women in Open Source gain momentum

,----[ Quote ]
| With increasing interest and influence in the open source movement, women in
| Australia and New Zealand are pushing their way into a normally
| male-dominated arena.
| Recently, the Australian and New Zealand branches of Linux Chix merged their
| chat and instant messaging forums to maintain better communication and
| strengthen the scope of their influence.
| The two groups, called aussiechix and nzchix, are dedicated to the
| advancement in computing for women in the A/NZ region. The new chat forum has
| been deemed anzichix by the two groups’ members.


Women in Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| We here at Pingdom have been talking about why we don’t see that many women
| in Open Source, and were actually about to investigate it further and
| possibly write a blog post about it.



Linuxchix New Zealand set up

,----[ Quote ]
| Women who like Linux now have a community organisation in New
| Zealand to support them: LinuxChix NZ.


Linuxchix Australia Expands

,----[ Quote ]
| An Australia-wide chapter of LinuxChix has formed, for women
| living in Australia who are interested in Linux and Free Software.


GNU/Linux distro for women? Why not?

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's face it: As Tim Berners-Lee pointed out recently, the male geek culture
| can be an intimidating place. Hell, it still intimidates me sometimes, since,
| although I'm male, my degree was in English and communications rather than
| computer science. You only have to browse the archives of a mailing list for
| LinuxChix or any other woman's group to encounter horror stories.
| Experienced, qualified women finding their opinions ignored, women unable to
| attend a professional gathering without being hit upon, misogynistic slurs --
| the list goes on and on (and you'll probably see some examples of such things
| in the comments about this story).        


Linux distro for women? Thanks, but no thanks

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea is floating around again: Let's make a special Linux distribution
| for women! We're smarter than that, aren't we? I say, let's spare ourselves
| and the world yet another pointless and less-than-useful version of Linux.  

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