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[News] Airlines Chooses GNU/Linux, gOS Faces the "Microsoft Movement"

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The Flying Penguin: Linux In-Flight Entertainment Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| The touchscreens that are beginning to replace those clunky old air phones on 
| the backs of airplane seats have something in common -- they mainly run on 
| Linux. Because it's lightweight, robust and flexible -- which is more than 
| you can say about other operating systems -- it's ideally suited for 
| in-flight entertainment.    


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand......

,----[ Quote ]
| EDIT: David Liu of Gos has responded: While currently we do not have a 
| relationship with MS, but most of our hardware partners do. Cloud will be 
| customized into different versions, it may have Google, Yahoo, or Live.  
| That's fine...we just think that it might have been a better choice to put a 
| Google representation there...you know...the company that built their 
| business on Linux Dave?  



Linux takes a seat on Qantas’ new superjumbo

,----[ Quote ]
| The Flying Kangaroo will soon become the Flying Penguin as Qantas embraces
| Linux-powered Inflight Entertainment systems from Panasonic.


Linux in Flight: The Penguin Grows Wings

,----[ Quote ]
| Another place in the aviation world, much to my surprise, that Linux has not
| only crept into, but appears to be gaining steam, is the maintenance arena.
| Yes, seriously.  Tux is helping more and more in the arena of aircraft
| maintenance.  It's nice to know that there's a reliable OS powering a wide
| number of computers and diagnostic tools these days that help keep our
| favorite, and not so favorite, airplanes flying.
| And that's not all.  Linux is finding its way into baggage handling systems,
| ticket systems, and so much more.  You could say that the penguins are taking
| over the airline business.  So the next time you hop a flight to wherever
| you're going, feel good in knowing that it's very likely you're taking a
| penguin with you.



Virgin America tunes up with YSlow

,----[ Quote ]
| The travel start up has been making great use of open source in its software
| infrastructure during the launch phase, with Red Hat and Fedora running in
| its data center and on its web servers, a virtual private network using open
| source, and in-flight entertainment severs using MySQL and back-of-seat TV
| sets that are powered by Panasonic's Linux aboard its aircraft.    


Linux-based airline seat-back entertainment system is a winner

,----[ Quote ]
| This Red Hat-based system also is installed on Qantas Airways and on Boeing
| 777s operated by Delta and Continental. eX2, the newest version of
| Panasonic's in-flight entertainment systems, offers not the canned radio
| stations of yesteryear, but rather audio and video on demand, games, and even
| online books, depending on the carrier.    


Singapore Airlines puts a PC in every seat

,----[ Quote ]
| The whole system runs on Red Hat's distribution of the Linux operating
| system.


StarOffice, Linux fly high on Singapore Airlines

,----[ Quote ]
| Singapore Airlines is offering access to Sun's StarOffice 8 office
| productivity suite free of charge to passengers on its new Boeing
| 777-300ER aircraft. StarOffice, Sun's proprietary version of
| OpenOffice.org, runs on the aircraft's Linux server and is accessed
| via a seat-back terminal at each passenger's seat, according to Sun.


Over 30s VAX, Linux breeds Boeing's new jets

,----[ Quote ]
| Hawker de Havilland, the local arm of aircraft engineering giant Boeing,
| will retire its 30-year-old VAX system in favour of its new Linux-based
| environment in the manufacture of parts for the company's next-generation
| 787 jets.


Real-time Linux helps design military cargo plane

,----[ Quote ]
| Airbus reportedly tapped real-time Linux in designing its A400M
| military transport plane, set to ship this year. Concurrent said
| it supplied the German airplane manufacturer with real-time
| Linux-based systems used for hardware-in-loop (HIL) simulation
| test stands used to perfect the A400M's "high-lift control computers."


Demo features POSIX-compliant separation kernel, Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| LynuxWorks says its simulated aircraft demo for EAC shows a pair
| of applications running on a Linux guest OS, alongside a secure
| application running on top of LynxSecure. The demo will show that
| failure of the guest Linux OS does not impair operation of the
| LynxSecure application, the company says.


Linux headed into Boeing anti-sub aircraft

,----[ Quote ]
| Boeing has awarded Wind River Systems a contract to embed its version
| of Linux into a new military aircraft, the company plans to announce
| Monday along with a new batch of products built around the
| open-source operating system.

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