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[News] Televisions and Broadcast Powered by GNU/Linux

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Pimp your Linux satellite box & get TV on your PC!

,----[ Quote ]
| You may have seen reviews of several satellite receivers claiming to 
| be 'Linux powered'. So what does it mean for you? 
| Linux-based receivers have taken off. Dreambox sells a complete range, while 
| others selling similar products include Elanvision, AB-Com and DGStation. 
| Nearly all can accommodate hard drives, while many of the latest models have 
| two tuners and hi-def support.    


Video-call software boasts HD quality

,----[ Quote ]
| Movial is shipping a new version of its mobile video communications software 
| that offers high-definition (HD) PC-to-PC, and PC-to-mobile 
| video-conferencing. In addition to releasing Movial Communicator PC 7.2, 
| Movial announced it has partnered with Cypriot telecom carrier Cyta to offer 
| Communicator-based video-calling services.    
| [...]
| Helsinki-based Movial also offers Linux-compatible IP communications clients 
| including a "Social Communicator" module for mobile and desktop social 
| networking, and the previously mentioned Communicator Mobile. Communicator PC 
| also supports Linux, but the Linux version of the 7.2 release won't ship 
| until next year, says the company.    



Review: Zattoo Player - Free TV On Your PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Zattoo is a very good way of getting free, high quality TV
| broadcasts on your PC.


The State of UK Terrestrial Web TV

,----[ Quote ]
| So what i'd like to do here, is round up the offerings of the main 5 TV
| channels, what i'm looking for, is the following, how do they work on the
| following platforms. WindowsXP, Ubuntu 8.10 and Mac OSX Tiger. I'm using XP
| and not vista, because i believe there are more XP installs out there. i'll
| use firefox as the browser of choice to keep the browser the same across all
| browsers, however will also give the default browser for each OS a go as
| well, just to see how different the experience is.

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