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[News] Blinded-by-Windows Teacher (Karen) to Get GNU/Linux Installed?

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HeliOS founder says sorry to Windows teacher

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway he is using the situation to show Karen how wonderful Linux is.  At 
| one point he was going to pop around and install it on her computer. 



Smut pop-up teacher case finally resolved with misdemeanor plea

,----[ Quote ]
| The case stems from an incident in 2004 when a PC in Amero's class, later
| found to be infected with smut-serving malware, displayed pornographic images
| to her seventh-grade students. The incident at Kelly Middle School in
| Norwich, Connecticut in October 2004 led to charges against the then pregnant
| substitute teacher.



Schools across Japan may switch to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported late last week that the
| Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to introduce
| the open-source operating system Linux for use within classrooms
| across the country in the near future.


Primary school goes Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| I prepared 5 CDs and installed 14 PCs in less than two hours,
| including account setup and Firefox preparation (start page to a
| kids friendly site, Adblock).


District to save money by switching computers to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Hyland said the district hopes to get all of its computers
| running Linux exclusively by 2010. By that time, administrators
| should have identified new Linux programs for Bexley students,
| including kindergartners. Hyland said she wants to get
| kindergartners started with a program that teaches typing so
| that Bexley students are familiar with technology early on.


Microsoft Windows ousted at California school district

,----[ Quote ]
| By this summer, all 5,000 students and 250 teachers will be working
| off of a Linux-based thin client running OpenOffice.org, and the
| majority of the district's servers will be running Novell SUSE
| Linux Enterprise Server.


Reason Why Schools Should Adopt Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Can I Import My Previous Work Into Linux? Consider this: you have
| document after document tied up into formats, such as Outlook, MS
| Publisher and so on. Now, with Outlook, I "believe" the data can bee
| xported without too much trouble. But last time I checked, your
| Publisher files were stuck as is, period. So it's fair to say
| that challenges like this can indeed, seem like a deal breaker
| for some users. I mean come on, this is  not a solution and the
| fact that Publisher is so commonly used in the Windows world is
| certainly not helping anyone. This issue would seem trivial to
| most of us, but to those who just installed Linux, it can prove
| to be frustrating.


Tapping a world of schoolroom innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| SchoolTool began development in 2000 and is funded by Mark Shuttleworth,
| of the South African-based Shuttleworth Foundation, creator of the
| free Ubuntu operating system.


Dell releases low-cost Linux desktops...in China

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell, for example, has sold tens of thousands of Linux-based PCs
| to elementary schools in China, running Sun Wah Linux -- a
| Chinese distribution of Linux based on Debian.


Stretching the Education Dollar With Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The fact that open source solutions offer a wider range of choices
| and options than their proprietary counterparts make them truly
| useful alternatives to closed solutions, Henson says, especially
| for administrative tasks. "[W]ith open source solutions,
| organizations can freely customize the software to their
| specific requirements. This is particularly important when
| organizations wish to integrate with their existing software
| -- such as student and employee management systems. Developing
| such APIs is often extremely costly and time-consuming to
| facilitate with proprietary software vendors."

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