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[News] Lesser Known Web Browsers Reuse Free Software Code

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The H3v web browser. Is it a Dillo killer?

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to browsers, the Unix community is positively spoiled for 
| choice: Firefox, Konqueror, Flock, Opera, Epiphany, Galeon, Kazehakase, 
| Links, Elinks, Lynx, W3m and Dillo. From the minimal to the relatively 
| bloated all life is there. You might just be thinking that we need another 
| browser like Medieval Europe needed the Bubonic plague, but I’m always a 
| great fan of the different and new, of people doing their own thing. Even 
| Firefox had to start somewhere. H3v is a relative newcomer to the browser 
| pack and it definitely falls into the “lean, mean” category. I think it 
| deserves a little more exposure.        



Dillo 2.0 is fast, but limited

,----[ Quote ]
| The lightweight Dillo Web browser, in development for eight years, has always
| been a contender for the fastest browser available on GNU/Linux -- so much so
| that the Google's Chrome will have to be pretty nimble to outpace it. With
| last month's release of version 2.0, Dillo is faster than ever. If
| performance is your main priority, you might find Dillo's minimalistic tools
| and functional limitations an acceptable tradeoff -- but probably not.


Dillo 2.0 Gets Tabbed Browsing

,----[ Quote ]
| Dillo, the famous little browser used in small, lightweight distributions
| like Damn Small Linux (DSL), reached version 2.0 on October 14, 2008.
| The last stable Dillo release was 0.8.6, which was around for over two years
| (April 26, 2006), and this new version brings tons of new improvements,
| changes and features, the biggest of them being tabbed browsing. Yes, Dillo
| allows now browsing using tabs, which is a must-have functionality for any
| desktop browser, no matter how small it is. The changelog is huge. This
| release is also the first one written in FLTK, as the application was ported
| from GTK.


Lightweight, Linux-compatible browser evolves

,----[ Quote ]
| The eight-year-old Dillo project has released version 2.0 of its
| Linux-compatible, ultra-lightweight HTML browser for embedded systems,
| antiquated PCs, and other low-powered devices. Dillo 2 adds support for
| anti-aliased text, multiple languages, and tabbed browsing, while improving
| table rendering and lowering memory usage, says the project.


Dillo is eight years old!

,----[ Quote ]
| After a very slow 2006, and a project stop in year 2007, the new 2008 came
| with a renewed work force that kept working steadily behind the scenes. The
| fruits of this effort are a new and stable dillo based on FLTK2 (aka dillo2),
| that has more features, bug fixes, goodies and half the memory footprint of
| the GTK1-based dillo!


Dillo the lean browser

,----[ Quote~ ]
| Using browsers which are Web 2.0 enabled whenever you just what to Google
| something is like calling out the Fire Brigade when you have just burned the
| toast. Definitive overkill. If you are just surfing for information, then you
| want the little browser on the low fat, low body-mass index, skinny latte
| diet with a low carbon footprint. If Dillo were a catwalk model, it would be
| size zero. Think of it as the Victoria Beckham of browsers— but better
| looking; where the big hitters like Firefox, Flock and Opera sometimes move
| like a Sloth on Mogadon, Dillo tears down the track like a Whippet on speed.      

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