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[News] More Linux Support from Timesys

Timesys Announces Embedded Linux Support for Atmel AT91SAM9RL Microcontrollers

,----[ Quote ]
| The free BSP enables application developers to rapidly validate Linux on the 
| AT91SAM9RL-EK Development Board.  



PXA270 Linux implementation updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Timesys has published a new 2.6.24 main line Linux kernel, and a new 
| reference distribution for the Intel/Marvell PXA270. The Linux development 
| publishers have also updated their website with a new look and feel, and 
| posted a LinuxLink Radio episode on inter-process communication.   



Timesys Announces Linux Support for Xilinx High Performance Virtex Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Timesys Corporation (http://www.timesys.com), a premier provider of embedded 
| Linux software solutions, today announced Linux support for high-performance 
| Virtex(TM) FPGAs from Xilinx (Nasdaq: XLNX) with LinuxLink, the leading 
| service for enabling developers to assemble their own customized embedded 
| Linux platforms.    


New TimeSys CEO: Open-source Linux best

,----[ Quote ]
| TimeSys currently employs around 35 people, and is seeking to
| expand its staffing, Bansal said. Raffa acknowledged that the
| company is not currently profitable, but is targeting
| profitability in the next year or two.


TimeSys adds LinuxLink partner programs

,----[ Quote ]
| TimeSys says its new ASIP program and LinuxLink service offer integrators
| a foundation upon which to base their Linux development efforts. 


TimeSys Introduces LinuxLink Subscriptions for AMCC 440EPx Processors

,----[ Quote ]
| This LinuxLink is the result of a partnership between TimeSys and
| AMCC to deliver LinuxLink subscriptions optimized for AMCC processors... By 
| delivering on-demand access to continuously updated processor-optimized 
| Linux packages, components and tools, engineers benefit from a rich 
| development environment and community support.


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