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Re: ping roy: small/tiny computers

Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:56:46 -0800 (PST), unionpenny@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Erik, haven't seen your name for a while.  Perhaps the Google
Groups view of usenet buries your posts.  Anyway nice to see you here
again.  Your posts are usually even tempered and civil in spite of
provocation.  The current crop of Windows goons just does not measure
up to your style.

> > You have posted links about small/tiny computers.  Is there a website
> > that collects that type of information, as opposed to a company's own
> > site?
> There's always linuxdevices.com, but beware a lot of the info is very old
> (some of it 5+ years), so be careful to check the dates on specific devices
> they list.

Thanks for the pointer.  The first page did not look promising, but I
will check it out later.

> > What I want ... a small computer that can hang on the back of a
> > monitor.
> Should be doable, but you'll likely have to come up with the enclosure
> yourself.

Alas, I do not have the talent for that.

> > Linux should have no problem with a box like this.  Microsoft would
> > not be interested, as Vista would have validation issues.
> Not sure what you mean by that.  There is embedded windows xp, which is
> sitll for sale, but if linux does what you need it to do, then it's
> probably a good choice.

For you Erik, I will apologise for the cheap shot at Windows.  What I
am looking for will have the functionality of a desktop, without the
big box.  The smallest desktop computer  possible.  Almost everything
external.  Not interested in embedded, Windows or Linux.  XP desktop
is fading from Microsoft's interests. Vista is their future, and the
easy movement of (boot) disks and peripherals will make problems for
the Keep Windows Genuine efforts.  The license validation methods
makes sense for 1970s era minicomputer style computing, where you need
a hand truck to move a disk ... and even for 1980s style PCs with
everything bolted into a steel case.  I have done all that.  Things
break.  For me, things break just by trying to fix them.

I want something easier to deal with.  I want to easily move disks
between machines, without hooking up an expensive network RAID box to
do it.  But the easy movement makes problems for Vista.  Taking a
Vista boot disk to a new computer is a complete No No.  Changing the
CPU pack is a No No.  Perhaps MS will end up tying the license to the
disk GUID.

For the rest of you MS goons:  bite me.  I enjoyed the cheap shot.
Using MS Windows will be a jarring experience on my box.  I doubt the
perverted control freaks running MS can put together a useful OS for a
non-box computer.

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