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[News] [Rival] OOXML Bust: It's Just About Microsoft's Interests

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] OOXML Bust: It's Just About Microsoft's Interests
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 01:03:23 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Cruel truth surfaces in the OOXML war

,----[ Quote ]
| Tsilas is admitting, more explicitly than implicitly, that Microsoft's profit 
| depends on it controlling standards and that OOXML is a product designed to 
| do exactly that. The mask has slipped and the nature of this particular war 
| is on display. As Ericson, captain of HMS Compass Rose, might say: we are 
| sorry if it is too hard for you, Microsoft.    


In Malaysia, Microsoft has already admitted that it's all a matter of
commercial interests. Digusting.

For the time being, there are many ODF-compliant applications including OOo.

175,000 US dollars for OpenOffice from Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems has published some details about the Open Source Community 
| Innovation Awards it announced in December of 2007.  



Open Source Society warns of Open XML patent threat

,----[ Quote ]
| But Christie says alarm bells are going off in many parts of the world over 
| Open XML. He says many aspects of the format remain proprietary and because 
| of this the process behind its development has not been robust.  
| He says the Open Document Format standard went through three years of public 
| standardisation before being submitted to the International Standards 
| Organisation, while Open XML was rushed out at "an unprecedented pace".  
| The areas where interoperability breaks down are where the detail is
| just not there, Christie says, either because of haste or to protect 
| proprietary methods. Add the issue of portability across platforms, he says, 
| and OOXML fails to deliver two of the three hallmarks of a good standard.  


Guest Commentary: The converter hoax

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft maintains that while it would have been easy to support the Open 
| Document Format (ODF) natively, it had to move to MS-OOXML because this was 
| the only way for them to offer the full features of its office suite. But if 
| Microsoft itself is not able to represent its internal data structures in the 
| Open Document Format (ODF) in its Microsoft Office suite, how could an 
| external conversion program from MS-OOXML accomplish this task? The answer to 
| both questions is that it is not possible because two things cannot be the 
| same and different at the same time.       


How the Game is Played: INCITS V1 Narrowly Votes Down OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| As significantly, Rob reports that a very dramatic increase in the membership 
| of V1 was observed in the months leading up to the vote – most of whom were 
| coincidentally were representatives of Microsoft business partners, and the 
| great majority of whom voted as a block in favor of advancing the 
| specification in a manner that would permit, and against any vote that would 
| prevent, final approval as an ISO/IEC standard.      


Sock Puppets to VoteSock Puppets to Vote on Monopoly Enablement in Colombia?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft sets the deck of card and ensures that (at least) 9 of out 14 
| chairs in the technical committee are also in its pocket. 


Microsoft is Outmuscling OOXML Opposition in Spain

,----[ Quote ]
| The Andalusian Government has reported recently the manipulation of Microsoft 
| in the National Technical Committee 71 of AENOR. On July 10th, just the day 
| before the one and only meeting of AENOR to study DIS 29500 and vote on it, 
| Microsoft announced officially (via the secretary of the Committee) that that 
| Andalusian Government and several other Spanish public entities were asking 
| for the approval of ISO DIS 29500 (what finally resulted all a fake!).     


IBM is still locked out of the Portuguese OOXML meeting

,----[ Quote ]
| In spite of various communications, we [IBM] are still locked out and will 
| not be allowed to participate. Microsoft will be there, as well as a special 
| Microsoft guest, as will various Microsoft business partners, and others.  


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