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Re: to anyone new to COLA ..

"Moshe Goldfarb" <brick.n.straw@xxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht news:ml06osobs8oi$.bctanzhatlam$.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:16:54 +0000, SomeBloke wrote:

Doug Mentohl wrote:

Moshe, Clogwog, Kutloze and friends have been posting the same garbage
here for the best part of a decade, is that a sign of a pathology or
what, is there a psychologist  in the house?

I think that it's a sign of their increasing desperation. They know that the major Linux flavours ( and I expect the minor ones too ) are increasing in use. Their handlers in the Windows monkey house do seem to have increased
their dosage of brain rot!

Sorry that I've been quiet lately. Management and I have come back home from
a 5 week holiday in New Zealand and I've been sorting photos and getting
back into the swing of work. Blahhhhh!


You guys don't have to worry because COLA RARELY, if ever, gets new members
these days.
It's the same 5 Linux "advocates" talking to each other day in and day out.

Yes, so true and they have to nymshift all the time too!
HPT => Rafael => George Hostler => 高い平野のサンパー => High Plains Thumper
Peter Köhlmann => Flatfish => John Bailo => Oxford => Simon Cooke => Cola_masturbater => Cola_moderator => Jeff Relf => William Poaster => Roy Culley => Tholan => Snit
I often wonder if Roy and Mark are a siamese twin!

BTW you can thank Roy Schestowitz for that.
Most people browsing the group for the first time, assume it's a SPAM trap.
Especially when they use Google Groups.

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