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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Fights for Yahoo/Survival (Debt Still Looming)

The dirt on Microsoft's bid for Yahoo!

,----[ Quote ]
| Bravo. Now you can both fail together.
| Again, I have been hoping the deal would go through because I think it would 
| help Microsoft to make some critical decisions that would favor a more open, 
| pragmatic Microsoft. Microsoft-plus-Yahoo! wouldn't be able to force a .Net 
| future down the web's throat, and would enable Microsoft to innovate beyond 
| its closed platform.    


Around the Web 7.2.08: Microsoft still circling Yahoo...


Good photo of Frankenzilla, the leader of this corrupt organisation (and #1 at
legalised bribery in Washington). They can have Yahoo and have a big debt too.
They'll die together.


Microsoft says to borrow money for Yahoo deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp said on Monday it may borrow money for the first time in its 
| history to fund a portion of its $44.6 billion unsolicited offer for Yahoo 
| Inc.  


Microsoft's DreamSpark – What a Giveaway

,----[ Quote ]
| The rest of the $44.6bn (£22.3bn) deal would be financed with an undisclosed 
| amount of credit.  


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