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[News] Google's Linux Phones to Have Advantage in China

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Google Phones' Chinese Advantage

,----[ Quote ]
| Hughes believes China will throw its heft behind Android, citing the 
| country's preference toward free, open-source software, given its nascent 
| intellectual property laws. Android meets that requirement with its use of 
| Linux. (The iPhone is based on a proprietary system.) "The notion of having a 
| high-quality operating system that is, for all practical purposes, free, is 
| very attractive in Asia," Hughes says.      
| [...]
| Android faces competition among other mobile Linux platforms too. Its 
| fiercest rival is the LiMo Foundation, which recently added Verizon Wireless  
| to its roster of 40 members (see "Verizon 
| Joins Android Competitor"). Nevertheless, Hughes thinks that Android, with 
| its Google branding, will win out. "I see Android as taking over the mantle 
| for the mobile Linux environment," he says.     


Google Android: The Difference Between "Open" and "Open Source"

,----[ Quote ]
| On the other extreme, the OpenMoko platform is completely open. Android still 
| has a chance to end up on the more open end of the spectrum - but only if 
| they attend to the developer community and demonstrate a commitment to 
| leveling the playing field for everyone.   



Google, Yahoo to Reach 3 Billion Mobile Phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Rubin said that since Google's business comes mostly from
| advertisements,enabling Internet-like experience in cell phones is very
| important to them. He said Google's new cell phone platform, Android, could
| be "the ultimate Internet-style-luminated mobile phone" slated to be launched
| [...]
| Rubin said Google has funded US$10 million to challenge developers to develop
| applications for Android and there are now about 1700 developers in 75
| countries that joined the contest -- 20% submissions coming from Asia --which
| he described as a "pretty global effort and exciting to watch.


Which Is Faster - an Android or a LiMo?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has made a habit of throwing its considerable weight behind a project
| and making it succeed. The company's Android project, its effort at creating
| a Linux-based smartphone, is running into delays, while a similar effort by
| the LiMo Foundation already has produced handsets.


Mobile Linux Groups Join Forces

,----[ Quote ]
| LiPS was working to create a standard that would define APIs (application
| programming interfaces) for developing applications to run on a mobile Linux
| kernel. By contrast, the LiMo Foundation is aiming to build a de facto
| standard software platform that handset makers can use to create Linux
| phones.


The Happy Collision of Collaboration and Competition in the Mobile World

,----[ Quote ]
| LiMo's transparent governance model and a critically important intellectual
| property (IP) safe harbor to refine the Foundation's common, Linux-based
| middleware platform -- while remaining entirely free to deliver their own
| compelling and differentiated services to mobile customers.


Smartphones, Linux gaining share

,----[ Quote ]
| Two just-published market research reports bode well for Linux's future in
| the market for higher-priced smartphones. J.D. Power reports that rising
| smartphone sales are driving handset prices higher, while ABI Research
| predicts Linux will take a 23 percent share of the smartphone segment by
| 2013.


Nokia: Linux role growing, not yet mainstream

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson last month called Linux's
| role "terribly important" at an investor conference, saying Nokia had been
| developing the next generation of Linux-based products, which are starting to
| come to the market.


Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's going to be terribly important," Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick
| Simonson told an investor conference when asked about the role of Linux-based
| tablets.
| He said the company has been developing the next generation of Linux-based
| products, which are starting to come to the market.

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