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[News] [Rival] Olypmic Games: Microsoft DRM and Big Lies

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Microsoft using Beijing Olympics to boost Silverlight takeup

,----[ Quote ]
| Webcasting of the Bejing 2008 Olympic Games by NBC and MSN could be the 
| Trojan Horse that gets Microsoft's Silverlight 2 onto a large number of PCs 
| in America.   


China to censor Internet coverage of Olympics

,----[ Quote ]
| Olympic organizers are backtracking on another promise about coverage of the 
| Beijing Games, keeping in place blocks on Internet sites in the Main Press 
| Center and venues where reporters will work.  


IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China

,----[ Quote ]
| "I regret that it now appears BOCOG has announced that there will be 
| limitations on website access during Games time," IOC press chief Kevan 
| Gosper said, referring to Beijing's Olympic organizers.  
| "I also now understand that some IOC officials negotiated with the Chinese 
| that some sensitive sites would be blocked on the basis they were not 
| considered Games related," he said.  


A bit like a Redmond campus with Kool-Aid. And those without Microsoft
Silverfish can't watch the games. What an abomination.

Days ago:

Microsoft’s road to Canossa

,----[ Quote ]
| Oh, there is to be sure much left to do for Microsoft to embrace the
| competition and change. I have heard today that many out there are still
| locked into the proprietary platforms trap. An example of this is what’s
| happening right now at the Bank of China. This bank recently upgraded its
| systems to what appears to be an all Microsoft environment. As a result, its
| customers are only able to perform their banking operations through the good
| old Internet Explorer. Wake up, folks. We’re in 2008 and such things should
| have stopped a long time ago. But I don’t see the lock-in effect being lift
| up by Microsoft any time soon.


Last week:

A discouraging news for Korean open web movement

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Web, a Korean web forum led by professor Kichang Kim of Korea University
| is best known for its fight against rampant use of Active X in Korea, lost a
| lawsuit against the KFTC (Korea Financial Telecommunication and Clearings
| Comittee). Professor Kim accused that the Korean government's mandate on the
| use of Active X programs for the internet banking and other public web
| services should be lifted, as it is against fair trade and "overly favors
| technology from a single company (that is, Microsoft)".
| Professor Kim has also asserted that as many Korean netizens somehow grew to
| think that Active X is something they have to download anyway, many of them
| are exposed to security vulnerabilities. Also, as so many entities including
| virtually all financial institutes in the nation depend on Microsoft
| technology in Korea, whenever Microsoft announces an update, the whole nation
| has to upgrade its internet infrastructure, and this leads to various losses
| on a national scale - Kim asserted.
| But Professor Kim's year-long accusation fell short of convincing the court
| that the government mandate on the Active X is against fair trade and
| therefore is illegal.



The cost of monoculture

,----[ Quote ]
| Korea will only get beyond this problem by 1) applying Korean laws
| on open standards to the certificate authorities, 2) reassigning new
| certificates which work with open web standards to all Koreans, 3)
| reprogramming all Korean websites to support 128 bit SSL which will
| allow for a heterogeneous marketplace of operating systems and web
| browsers. This is a herculean task and thus Korea stays hostage to
| Redmond.
| Fascinating history. Unintended consequences and de-facto monopolies
| create costs too high to calculate and must be borne without question.


Is MS Overcharging Koreans for Vistas?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft?s Windows Vista program is selling in South Korea at
| prices up to 70 percent higher than in the United States or
| Japan, with Microsoft blaming Korea's immature market
| for the price difference.


Consumers in No Hurry for Vista Upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| In a survey of 4,144 members of Danawa.com, a price comparison site,
| only 14 percent of respondents said that they will immediately upgrade
| to the Vista platform when Microsoft releases it on January 30.


Korean government warns against Vista upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ministry of Information and Communication said that it wished it
| could tell a private company like Microsoft to postpone the release
| of Vista, but it can't. The best thing, an official said, was not to
| install Vista before you know what you're getting into.

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