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[News] Community GNU/Linux Distros Get Upper Hand

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CAOS 8, our community Linux report is out

,----[ Quote ]
| Timed perfectly (and somewhat coincidentally) between OSCON and LinuxWorld, 
| we’ve just published our latest CAOS report, ‘The Rise of Community Linux.’ 
| Sounds like the community distros are ready to take over the world. Well, not 
| exactly. However, we found significant and increasing use of community Linux 
| distributions such as CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu (which although distributed 
| by Canonical we still considered a community Linux because of its development 
| community and availability in server form).      
| After speaking to and reporting on various Linux vendors — in servers, 
| embedded, mobile sectors and around the globe in geography — we realized we 
| were continually referring to the pricing, support and general competitive 
| pressures on paid Linux business from unpaid, community and DIY Linux 
| distributions. The significance of these Linux options, and more precisely 
| their cumulative effect, was confirmed in our discussions with Linux vendors 
| and enterprise users.       


This helps squash the myth that without corporations and their funding, there
would be no F/OSS.


Shift Linux Art Contest

,----[ Quote ]
| Shift Linux, the Linux distribution developed by Neowin users, is putting out 
| a call to all users of Neowin to help make wallpapers, icons, bootscreens, 
| and themes for its upcoming 0.5 release. Whether you will use Shift or not, 
| this is a quick way you can help us out.   

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