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[News] Eee PC's Big Impact on Industry

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The impact of the Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| It is fair to say that, for a product that seemed a perfectly logical, hardly 
| radical extension of the portable computer sector, the Eee PC has nonetheless 
| shaken up the entire market. What's more, it's done so for a variety of 
| reasons.   
| On one hand, its sheer affordability has enticed it to those who previously 
| couldn't afford a laptop, or those who were looking for a second machine to 
| keep around. Then there's its portability, which has endeared it to the 
| business traveller who has to lug their machine around everywhere with them. 
| If you can put up with the cramped keyboard, then the weight saving alone has 
| to be admired. There's also its sheer overall size, which has pretty much 
| managed to redefine what you'd expect of a truly ultra-portable laptop 
| machine.       


How to Pick a Good Gift for a Geeky Dad

,----[ Quote ]
| What better way to fire up the Li[n]ux blog troops than to give them a good 
| standards battle to opine on? Once they calm down, though, they'll get back 
| to business, such as helping each other figure out how to create software 
| products without going crazy.   



Microsoft can't even give it away

,----[ Quote ]
| To sweeten the pill, there is also a considerable price incentive in buying a
| basic portable with GNU/Linux installed as opposed to one with Windows XP,
| which not only costs about 30 per cent more, but also has the nerve to
| require more storage space and memory.

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