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More From The FUD Factory

,----[ Quote ]
| On a side note, there's also no mention of the costs that can be saved or the 
| duplication of work that can be avoided by using open source. It's 
| all "risk", "dispute", "warning", "litigation". The picture he paints of open 
| source is that of a veritable Pack of Snapping Voles, ready to tear apart any 
| unwary traveler who treads so much as once off the path.    
| The worst thing about this piece is that anyone reading it isn't likely to 
| take away anything more profound than "You need to know what you're getting 
| into when you use open source commercially." Last time I checked, water was 
| still wet, too. There's a lot more to the subject than such a facile 
| distillation will ever tell you.    


Recent FUD:

Then, they fight you

,----[ Quote ]
| That was two days ago but yesterday we were notified that the Microsoft
| representative in charge with the education strategy had requested the
| organizers to pull the Ubuntu presentation because it is 'unfair competition'
| to hold such a presentation at an event sponsored by them. They are indeed
| co-sponsors but the conference is organized by the Ministry of Education and
| its local office, and is being held on the premises of a public University.


Getting Open Source Right

,----[ Quote ]
| Like most assumptions about open source from Microsoft, a big piece of the
| overall picture is conveniently left out.
| The context of Matusow's blog entry is a trip he recently took to South
| Africa where he had talks about interoperability and open source issues. As
| noted in a Tectonic article, Matusow's visit fell around the same time the
| South African government was approving the OpenDocument Format (ODF) for
| government use. (Funny...)
| [...]
| Matusow then goes on to make another, more specific, assumption about South
| Africa. Their local developers don't seem to have the skill set to do any
| real contributions to OSS anyway, so the benefit of local participation is
| lost on them anyway.
| Ignoring the fact that this is the single most arrogant thing I think I have
| heard anyone say about a nation's potential (I'll let my colleagues take that
| part of the argument on), who is Matusow to say anything about who can code
| what for Linux and OSS? Is you said "nobody," you're absolutely right.

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