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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Keeps Falling in Search Market

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May Search Market Share: Nothing But Google

,----[ Quote ]
| This includes even MSN/Live where the losses are even more pronounced when 
| you fold in the decline in Club Live generated queries. 



Microsoft's new tack: Bribery as a business model

,----[ Quote ]
| But truth be told, it's not the worst idea. What's the harm in giving it a
| shot? In a recession--or whatever you want to call the current economic
| malaise in the United States--consumers are open to bribes (oh, I forgot:
| rebates). So why not see if this strikes the people's fancy? But this is only
| a holding action. The reason more people use Google's search is the user
| experience. It works better, so they keep returning. Microsoft CEO Steve
| Ballmer knows this.



Microsoft funding bankrupt Live Search experiment with porn spam

,----[ Quote ]
| Dear reader, please tell me: what do you think of a search engine that steals 
| (bandwidth and AdSense revenue), lies, spams away, and is not clever enough 
| to stop their criminal activities when they’re caught?  
| Recently a Live Search rep whined in an interview because so many robots.txt 
| files out there block their crawler... 


Microsoft’s Club Live fiasco

,----[ Quote ]
| People were using the macro on more than 3 games at a time, on more than 2 
| accounts at a time, why Microsoft didn’t pick up on the fact that in the 
| first few days some people had accumulated enough for 3 Zunes each is beyond 
| us. Some were lucky, others, not so much.   
| [...]
| So far no one has been banned from using their accounts, which they needed to 
| sign up, probably because they did not break any laws, or probably because 
| Microsoft didn’t want that hassle and liked their new found traffic.  


Bots Helped To Boost Microsoft Live Search Gains

,----[ Quote ]
| In a blog post, Compete analyst Steve Willis attributed Microsoft's 
| search gains to prizes awarded to users participating in Live Search 
| Club, which features games that post queries to Microsoft's search 
| engine.
| [...]
| Microsoft is essentially being DDoSed by thousands of people hundreds 
| of times per minute, but they are mistaking this rise in traffic for 
| people actually using Live Search."

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