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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Servers Adopted by Host

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Canadian Firm Shows Faith In Ubuntu Server 

,----[ Quote ]
| While most major server vendors take a “wait and see” approach to Ubuntu, a 
| major Canadian Web host says the server operating system is ready for prime  
| time. Indeed, Cirrus Tech is now offering Ubuntu on its server hosting plans. 
| Here’s a closer look at Cirrus Tech’s announcement, and the state of Ubuntu 
| on the server.   



Ubuntu Linux takes on enterprise server market with new OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Technically, this isn't Ubuntu's first server release -- that one came two 
| and a half years ago -- but this is the first one that is truly 
| enterprise-ready, with a full specification sheet of features needed in 
| complex business IT shops, including support for virtualization, enhanced 
| performance and certification on an assortment of hardware from Sun 
| Microsystems Inc.     


Ubuntu Eyes The Linux Server Landscape

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| Earlier this month, Canonical took another step to raise its profile in the 
| Linux server space: It released Landscape, a tool for installing, managing, 
| and maintaining Ubuntu desktop PCs and servers. Red Hat and Novell offer 
| similar tools; in both cases, however, the two companies' systems-management 
| products are designed to provide the functionality -- and thus the 
| complexity -- required to manage very large enterprise Linux installations.     


Five Reasons Ubuntu Server Revolution Begins Today

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. The Windows Vista Debacle: Even Gartner finally admits that Vista is a dog 
| and Windows is collapsing under its own weight. And in the ultimate 
| statement, Dell actually began Ubuntu preloads on selected desktops the very 
| year that Vista shipped.   
| No PC companies dared to take those types of actions when Windows 95 shipped. 
| But Microsoft has badly miscalculated the market. Vista was big, bloated, 
| slow and annoying when it arrived. Ubuntu Linux is fast, modular, tightly 
| written and flexible. A few million desktop users have already discovered 
| Ubuntu Linux’s power. Millions more will discover it through install fests, 
| word of mouth, and Dell.     

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