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[News] OpenOffice.org Comes to Schools in Portugal, More ODF News

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OpenOffice.org being distributed to Portuguese schools

,----[ Quote ]
| I was just made aware of this Portuguese blog entry. CDs including 
| OpenOffice.org will be distributed to Portuguese schools again. Great news!  


Another ODF-compliant office suite:

Ashampoo Office 2008 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Ashampoo TextMaker 2008 enjoys a decent number of formatting options, and 
| useful tools such as a synonym button, as well as the usual suspects: tabs 
| and spellcheck included. Import from and export to Microsoft Word and 
| OpenDocument files is pain free.   


OASIS Launches SAML XML.org Online Community

,----[ Quote ]
| The OASIS international standards consortium today introduced a new XML.org 
| online community web site dedicated to supporting the Security Assertion 
| Markup Language (SAML). The site (http://saml.xml.org) will serve as the 
| official information resource for the SAML OASIS Standard, which provides an 
| XML-based framework for online partners to exchange user authentication, 
| entitlement, and attribute information.     
| [...]
| SAML XML.org is the newest addition to the XML.org family of web sites 
| devoted to supporting communities around open standards; other sites are 
| devoted to BPEL, DITA, ebXML, IDtrust, OpenDocument, and UDDI.  


A world without standards (think Vienna):

Whatever Happened to Greek Civilisation?

,----[ Quote ]
| You probably don't care much about the Greek National Land Registry unless 
| you're Greek or have land in Greece, but I think we can all be saddened by 
| the following from its site:  
|     Η εφαρμογή είναι διαθέσιμη αποκλειστικά για Internet Explorer.
|     [Google Translate: The application is available exclusively for Internet 
|     Explorer.] 



French hospital migrates to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| According to this French article, the French hospital of Thiers is migrating
| its 150 desktops to OpenOffice.org in order to spend money on training
| instead of licenses.


Huge Success for the ODF Community

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenOffice.org, which is just one implementation of ODF, is currently being
| downloaded more than 1.2M times per week and being distributed by popular
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| hardware products like the Asus Eee PC. Government organizations around the
| world are adopting OpenOffice.org and/or ODF and have started to help each
| other with their adoption challenges. Thus, ODF has become a "market force"
| that can't be ignored anymore. Thus, again, congratulations and thank you to
| all the people who have contributed to the success of OpenOffice.org and ODF
| so far! Well done!


ISO process slammed

,----[ Quote ]
| Rob Weir, co-chairman of the OASIS Open Document Format (ODF) technical
| committee, says the blatant committee backing around the world to have the
| standard ratified was disconcerting. He says in several countries, countries
| voted yes at the last minute and were “heard of no more. It makes a mockery
| of the system.”

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