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[News] New and Linux-dominated Breed of Computers

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Mid-year mini-laptops under scrutiny

,----[ Quote ]
| A new breed of extremely small and light (just under one lkilo) laptop has 
| emerged just in time for winter travel. Called mobile Internet devices 
| (MIDs), and also known as mini-laptops, mini-notebooks, or mini-notes, these 
| lightweight laptops are practically naked, stripped of all extraneous 
| features. And starting at around US$400, they're far cheaper than other 
| mobile PCs.     


Off Topic: I got an Asus EEE 701

,----[ Quote ]
| To cut a long story short, I found a nice opportunity to get a second-hand 
| EEE 701 and I am having great fun installing and using it. I went for the 
| Debian derivative and installed most of the system I tested on my (reduced 
| screen) laptop: XFCE4, Gimp, Ristretto, Abiword, Gnumeric, Conky etc. I 
| picked the Clearlooks Compact GTK theme, Prelude 4 for xfwm4. I installed 
| Brightside (active screen corners) as well as the Hide Menu and Page Zoom 
| Firefox extentions.      


Days ago:

Linux top OS in MIDs

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux will be a top OS in MIDs (mobile Internet devices), suggests a report
| from Forward Concepts. The report, aimed at quantifying MID-related
| opportunities for chip makers, identifies TI and Qualcomm as well-positioned
| in an emergent market expected to reach 40 million unit shipments globally
| within four years.


Weeks ago:

Otellini: 'MID revolution will be centred round Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel CEO says Microsoft's insistence on pushing Vista will hand market to
| open source rival
| Intel's CEO has said that he sees the revolution that is about to happen
| around mobile internet devices (MID) such as the Eee PC and other Atom-based
| sub-notebooks will be "centred round Linux", in an interview with Associated
| Press.

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