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Re: [News] Vista Can't Compete with Linux on MIDs, Prices Likely to Fall Further

On 2008-06-12, The Ghost In The Machine <ewill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Far from dead; I happen to be sitting at one.  I've yet to
> see a phone that allows me to comfortably touch-type; most
> of them have rather chicklety keyboards.  Even my laptop's
> keyboard is less than ideal in that respect, though at
> least the keys thereon are full size.  (The pictures I see
> of the Asus Eee make it look slightly smaller than my nx9010,
> and presumably a fair bit lighter as well.)

Hmmm... My Thinkpad has the best keyboard I've ever used, and I have
gigantic hands (I'm gigantic all over.... at nearly 2 metres.).

I can touchtype rapidly and with the mid-keyboard "nipple" (trackpoint)
I don't even have to move my hands from the "home" position on the

My desktop uses a standard Microsoft Keyboard and mouse which, though
rather good for the price (very cheap) are not a patch on my lappy.

I have to agree with the OP and say that the Desktop is dead.

> (There is a device that might allow one to touch type
> rather literally, but the tactile feedback is one aspect
> thereof; how does one know one's pressed a phantom laser
> key?)
> Of course in an ideal world one could plug in a keyboard
> with a USB port into one's phone, hook up a monitor
> through another port, and happily type away.

Or even unfold a screen and keyboard from your wallet and type away
without any plugging in at all.

> And in an ideal world Microsoft would be open source.

In an ideal world, Microsoft would stick to making good quality cheap
keyboards and mice.


Gentoo Linux - Penguin Power

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