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[News] Microsoft Conceals Software Patent, Paints it with Anatomy Brush

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Microsoft brain lateralization patent all about software QA

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Thursday, Microsoft filed patent application 2008/134,132, which 
| describes a method of "Developing Software Components Based on Brain 
| Lateralization." At first glance, this sounds quite impressive; direct neural 
| programming interfaces, after all, is the stuff science fiction is made of. 
| Closer examination, however, indicates that our dreams of writing C++ code 
| without that pesky keyboard getting in the way remain elusive. Fancy wording 
| or not, Microsoft is essentially attempting to patent something far more 
| basic: the software Quality Assurance (Q&A) process.       



"Read that over, and you'll notice it mentions neither the brain nor any sort
of organizational/methodological principle that could be described as

More IP garbage and the verge of corruption:

Opponents Say Inclusion Of IP Issues Would Set Back WTO Talks

,----[ Quote ]
| A small group of countries opposing the inclusion of intellectual 
| property-related issues in World Trade Organization negotiations has issued 
| their response to an earlier “non-paper” that had called for IP issues to be 
| integrated with the upcoming horizontal, or all-inclusive, negotiations at 
| the WTO.    
| [...]
| The paper is referring to a 26 May proposal, in the form of 
| another “non-paper” seeking to ensure that three major IP issues are on the 
| table for the horizontal trade talks.  



Microsoft and Dell await verdict on patent claim

,----[ Quote ]
| The patents were owned by Lucent Technologies Inc, which Alcatel SA acquired 
| in 2006. Lucent sued in 2002 claiming infringement of patents for 
| computer-video coding used in digital television, DVDs and video games, a 
| method for entering data on computer forms, and the use of a stylus.   


Avistar baffled over Microsoft patent fight

,----[ Quote ]
| So far, four of Microsoft’s requests have been rejected by the US Patent 
| Trademark Office (USPTO) on procedural grounds. If all procedural flaws are 
| corrected, the USPTO has approximately two months to decide whether or not to 
| grant the requests and hold a full formal re-examination.   
| Tony Rodde, president of Avistar, said: “Avistar has a lot of questions about 
| why Microsoft might be doing this, because some of these patents have nothing 
| to do with Microsoft’s technology or business.”  



Microsoft is rejected on patents case

,----[ Quote ]
| An appeals court on Friday rejected Microsoft Corp.'s challenge to a $142 
| million trial loss over patents on a way to prevent software piracy. 


Timeline wins $5M from Microsoft in patent settlement

,----[ Quote
| According to Timeline's SEC filing last week, Microsoft agreed to pay 
| Timeline $5 million within 14 days as part of the settlement. Timeline, which 
| describes itself as a "company ... solely focused on commercializing its 
| patent portfolio," had sued the Redmond computer giant and its subsidiary
| ProClarity Corp. for patent infringement.    


Visto Wins $7.7 Million in Damages

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides Seven Networks, Redwood Shores-based Visto has sued rival 
| Good Technology Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Research In Motion Ltd.,
| the maker of the ubiquitous BlackBerry device that helps keep
| workers connected to their jobs even when they are out of the office.

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