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[News] Free Software the Default Option, Proprietary a Compromise

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Open source vs. proprietary? Turn the question around!

,----[ Quote ]
| Several decades ago the software 'industry' managed to re-write our 
| perception of history and make most people believe that proprietary software 
| is normal, and open source is the aberration, while in reality software  
| actually started out as open.  
| It is time to change our thinking and to stop trying to justify the use of 
| open source software. It doesn't need justification like that. Free and open 
| software should be the logical, sensible default choice in all cases, with 
| proprietary software only to be considered when there are compelling reasons 
| for it.     


It's the same with the Internet. Companies try to turn it into their private
property at the moment.


Who Will Rule The New Internet?

,----[ Quote ]
| In many ways, these companies are technology's standard-bearers, though their
| guiding philosophies differ. Google, for instance, advocates an "open" Web
| and tends to push for open standards and alliances among developers.
| Facebook, with its gated community of 70 million active users, offers a more
| controlled experience and, so far at least, wants to keep its users safely
| within its walls. Apple comes from the old world. Its elegant products cocoon
| customers from the chaos of the information age, but the Apple experience
| tends to be highly controlled, with Apple hardware at the end points and
| Apple software and services, like the iTunes Music Store, in between.


Google says Microsoft's Yahoo buy might hurt Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| "We would hope that anything they did would be consistent with the openness
| of the Internet, but I doubt it would be."
| Schmidt pointed to Microsoft's past history and "the things that it has done
| that have been so difficult for everyone," but he did not elaborate.

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